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WinZIP 23 Enterprise incl.1 yr maint.

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WinZIP 23 Enterprise incl.1 yr maint.
FTP, ZIP Artikel nr.C-WinZIP 23 Enterprise

Looking for WinZIP 23 Enterprise software for your business? Get your enterprise solution for managing your files now at CD & E Distribution. We are experts when it comes to offering a wide range of reliable software solutions for professionals. With us, you enjoy delivery across Europe and short lead times so you can quickly enjoy your business solutions. Read on and find out more about the WinZIP Enterprise software.


Efficient and secure file management with WinZIP 23 Enterprise

Simple, secure file sharing for businesses and governments. That is what WinZIP 23 Enterprise offers in a nutshell. This compression software is the industry standard when it comes to compressing, protecting, managing and sharing files in a quick and secure manner. However, this version of WinZIP 23 Enterprise takes it a step further. This software also offers you and your employees easy and secure sharing via email, SharePoint, Office 365 and more. Moreover, WinZIP 23 Enterprise allows you to bypass attachment size limits and lets your administrators manage access to cloud storage and social media. This is enforced by FIPS 140-2 certified AES encryption and password protocols. As such, WinZIP Enterprise lets you work more efficiently and thus faster, but also more securely.


Get you ZIP software now

Discover all the benefits of working with WinZIP Enterprise first-hand and get your enterprise software now. Select your license type and desired quantity and proceed to safe online payment. We will quickly send you your software so you can get started in a matter of days. Do you have any questions about our ZIP or utilities software or our service? We are happy to answer them if you phone +31 (0)20 4535357.

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Businesses process an enormous amount of information every day. And the amount of information grows exponentially every year. Add storage capacity limits, sensitive client information, increasing government regulations, valuable intellectual property, a decentralized and global workforce and a handful of other hurdles, and it’s easy to see why successful organization management is so difficult.

WinZip 23 Enterprise gives businesses and government agencies a one-stop solution that empowers individual contributors to create and share their best work, while upholding the protocols and standards your business requires to protect IP and sensitive data from any threats -- so you can meet your business goals and objectives faster than ever.


Zip your information seamlessly
WinZip’s best-in-class compression saves even the most robust and image-heavy assets as secure and manageable files that are easy to store, send, receive and open. Additionally, WinZip supports WIP to protect data and prevent data loss.
Protect your IP completely
Your confidential IP and sensitive data stays 100% airtight and secure both internally and whilst in transit with WinZip’s unsurpassed bank-level encryption - compliant with all major standards, including FIPS 140-2 (both in and out of Windows OS) and FIPS 197.
Collaborate your ideas securely
With WinZip, you can easily and securely share and control information across email, SharePoint, Amazon S3, Office 365 for Business, Slack, IT-enabled clouds, social media sites and more.
Centralize your controls
With powerful tools geared specifically toward IT Admins, WinZip Enterprise makes it easy to control the flow of information across the network and standardize access and protocols according to organizational policies.
Customize your interface
Give your WinZip interface a custom look and feel with help from the WinZip Installation and Configuration guide. Design a WinZip UI to match the needs of your business and ensure maximum productivity and collaboration across the team.
Ensure your compliance
Regulatory compliance, including mandates such as GDRP, make it essential to secure operations and safeguard against external threats and security breaches. The powerful enterprise controls in WinZip allow IT admins to cover internal policies and rules, as well as federal and state requirements.
Nieuw in deze versie


Streamlined Views and Intuitive Workflows

NEW! Expand Preview Pane to provide more space for previewing file content, zooming, and viewing images

NEW! Specify the Job Name Last and focus first on the task of choosing what you want to back-up and how you want it backed up. Once you complete the desired actions, WinZip then asks for the job name.

NEW! Create new jobs from existing jobs with the new clone feature that allows you to modify an existing job.

Seamless Security and File Management

NEW! Perform File Conversions before Zipping to gain more space and security through the enhanced Job Wizard.

NEW! Set Expiration Dates for Zip files and Log files to reduce clutter across shared files and backups. Now Zip files and Log files created with the Job Wizard can be scheduled for deletion and removed on the designated date automatically

Enhanced Cloud Support and Service Options

NEW! Support for Amazon S3/AWAS regions for use with GovCloud.

NEW! Extended Cloud Service Options, including SwiftStack, IBM Cloud, Rackspace, and OpenStack, can be added and used within WinZip.



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  • Windows XP
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