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TeeChart for .NET 2017 with s/c

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TeeChart for .NET 2017 with s/c
Development Artikel nr.C-TeeChart for .NET 2017 with s/c

TeeChart for .NET version offers a great generic Charting control for a myriad of charting requirements, targeting too, important vertical areas such as the financial, scientific and statistical worlds. This data visualization component fits to environment needs such as WPF, Silverlight, Flash, ASP.NET, Winform, SQL Reporting Services, Compact Framework and Windows Phone mobile platform. All this is included in one powerful and thoughtfully priced library suite product, no need to juggle expensive modules to cover all your development projects across Winform, Webform and Pocket. Please take a look if you have a moment, the evaluation version includes working examples for most Chart types. You'll see how easy it is to code TeeChart and how you can improve department development productivity

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Windows.Store support with Windows 8 & RT

TeeChart for .NET's TeeChart.Store component offers charting for your Windows.Store applications.

Windows Phone support

TeeChart was implemented to work seamlessly for Microsoft's Windows Phone v7 & v8 mobile platform including the entire teeChart tools set.

TeeChart for Xamarin.iOS and TeeChart for Xamarin.Android

The libraries are part of the suite of TeeChart for .NET product. For more details see the TeeChart Mobile pages.

Digital Signal Processing Module

TeeChart now ships with a Direct2D rendering engine. This is ideal for the high speed data throughput required by DSP realtime applications. See the White paper, "Boosting graphics-rendering performance in Windows Forms", for a closer look.

WPF/Silverlight support

Render your Charts in WPF applications or to Silverlight pages.


Dynamic Gauges, Circular, Linear, Numeric or Combination. TeeChart's Gauges are completely configurable to give you full control of format, size, colour and shape for your dashboard application.


TeeChart.NET’s WebChart Component may be placed on the WebForm panel for full inplace WYSIWYG editing. Export formats include: JPEG, GIF, PNG, Native Tee, TIFF, BMP, Flash and EMF. Charts may be streamed directly to the browser to avoid maintenance of temporary files. Optimisations for Ajax applications. Includes Tools for Hotspot, Scroll and Zoom plus mouseclick sensitivity. The Charting component includes extensive code examples to guide the way.

Flex/Flash output

TeeChart.NET uses the Flex compiler to compile your Chart to an swf Flash file. Some animation options are included.

Compact Framework

TeeChart.NET includes a palette component for Compact Framework mobile applications.

Flexible Datasourcing

Inbuilt support for all major .NET supported datasources including dbAdapters. Create data links with the Chart Editor or by code. Alternatively point a Chart Series to your manually coded, XML, Text data or data arrays.

Multiple Axes

Use the Chart Editor to add and setup Multiple Axes or add them at runtime. Virtually unlimited Axes may be added and independently configured.

Financial Charts

TeeChart Pro is packed with functionality to produce high-class financial Charting applications. Open-High-Low-Close Series, Candle, Volume and MACD, ADX, Stochastic, Bollinger, Momentum, Moving Average and many more statistical functions.

GIS Mapping

Mapping with support for open standard map formats.

Custom Tools

Codefree tools to offer Annotation, Colour banding with transparency, Custom Lines, Page numbering, Crossbar cursor, Mouseover tips, Background image display, Mousedrag Chart rotation, Point drag and nearest point information.

Export formats

TeeChart may export as a stream or file or copy to the clipboard in any of the formats outlined in the Feature summary. TeeChart's Native .tee format may be used to create Chart designs with the Chart Editor for template database or file storage and importation at runtime.

Custom 3D Drawing Objects

TeeChart’s Custom Canvas gives you full access to any part of the Chart for unlimited customisability.

Chart Editor

The one-stop-shop Chart Editor offers the means to create Charts without writing any code

Nieuw in deze versie


1)  New Height and HeightUnits properties for Legend Symbol.

2)  New Clicked method, returns the Series and the series  ValueIndex's th point that is under the XY pixel parameters.

3)  Improved detection in mouse xy Clicked method for 3D Bar  cubes and diamond styles. The algorithm now includes the bar cube sides in 3D view (orthogonal and perspective).

4)  New LabelOrValue Series Marks Style which is now the default  style.

5)  New Cursor property for AxisScroll tool.

6)  New Frame property for all Series types derived from the  Circled base class.

7)  Live HTML5/Javascript format now supported on WebForm  charts for a limited number of Series types.

 8)  New Polygon Code (string) property. This is an alternative     string to the Text property, and can be used when displaying  Series Marks inside the polygon (for Map Series).

9)  New Polygon Centroid function (returns Point). Centroid returns the XY point inside the polygon that is best equidistant to  all polygon points. This is different than the middle XY position  of the polygon bounding rectangle. Centroid position is used when  displaying text Marks inside the polygon (for Map Series).

10) New Polygon Picture property (of type Image). Allows filling the polygon interior using an image (for Map Series).

11) New PolygonGroup class, allows creating logical groups of polygons  (shapes) to change properties of all items with a single group property (for Map Series).

12) New Shapes.ByCode array property, returns shape that has a given Code (for Map Series).

13) New MapMarks property. Contains properties to customize displaying series text marks inside polygons (for Map Series).

14) New Pointer property (SeriesPointer) and PointSize (Double). These properties enable Map series to display items as simple "pointer"    

 shapes instead of polygons (for Map Series).



Supports  WPF, Silverlight, Flash, ASP.NET, Winform, SQL Reporting Services, Compact Framework and Windows Phone mobile platform.

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