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SUGARfx Animo for FCP X

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SUGARfx Animo for FCP X
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Animation made easy in Final Cut Pro X.

Create dynamic animations quickly and easily in FCPX without key frames.

With ANIMO you can easily create any type of animation in very few easy steps.

ANIMO comes loaded with many Presets ready to be used in your project with minimal modifications if needed.

Of course, you can customize the presets by using the On-Screen-Controls (OSC) to set the desired position of the beginning and ending of the animation.

  • SUGARfx
  • Mac


Infinite Possibilities

The Reveal elements can be used to create unique transitions or dynamic animations that reveal other layers under the main video in the timeline.

The Animate elements can be used for creative moves in 2d or 3d over the main video clip in the timeline.

All these elements provide a wide range of possibilities to create the animation that you envision... quickly and easily.

Presets and Customization.

ANIMO comes with intuitive parameters that allow you to easily customize the whole animation or the individual sections, such as the in or out moves, the color palettes, Background/Matte or the wiggle effects to add randomization to the animation.

If you have the time to create your own moves... save them as presets, or mix and match movements from the wide range of predefined in and out animations and styles.

Every section contains a set of built-in presets ready to be loaded and mixed with the rest of your setup, working together as one complete fluid animation from beginning to end.


– Animation and Revealing templates for animation in 2D or 3D.

– On-Screen-Controls (OSC) for interactive adjusting of position of elements.

– Bird's eye view of complete animation while editing parameters.

– Several built-in Presets available, plus easy generation of custom Presets.

– Section Presets for easy combination of animation and styles.

– Fully customizable text capabilities.

– Optional Build-in and Build-out animations in selected elements.

– Effects for randomization of animation.

– Preset Loader templates for quick and easy setups.

– Six Motion Blur templates to add high quality motion blur effects on any element in the Final Cut Pro X editing timeline.

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Final Cut Pro X  


  • Mac OS X 10.8.x
  • FxFactory 4.x and later
    Mac with Intel processor
  • ATI, NVIDIA or Intel HD* graphics processor
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