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Spire.PDF for WPF

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Spire.PDF for WPF
Development Artikel nr.C-Spire.PDF for WPF

Spire.PDF for WPF is a WPF PDF component which enables your WPF applications to read, write and manipulate PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It is a totally independently component which doesn't need any 3rd party component library. This professional WPF PDF component allows users to fully control PDF documents.

With Spire.PDF for WPF, users can freely draw text content with font styles, shapes like rectangles, circles, arcs, etc. and images with special effect. You can use this WPF PDF component to do most of operations like in Adobe Acrobat. Add PDF header, footer, watermark, comments, attachments, etc. Furthermore, document setting includes setting property is also available. Spire.PDF for WPF is a 100% secure PDF component software. No Malware, No Spyware and No Virus.

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Rich Features

Spire.Pdf supports features such as:

  • Supports embedding fonts, true type fonts and CJK fonts
  • Draw shapes such as rectangles, circles, arcs, ellipses and fill them with custom brushes
  • Load Images to PDF documents from streams and files on disk. It can draw both scalar and vector images in the documents. Mask Images and Watermarks can also be drawn in the pages
  • Datatable can be imported into the PDF files. Rows and columns can be formatted. You can also insert graphic elements inside the table
  • Auto Page Breaks for large tables can be enabled in the PDF documents
  • Drawing Form Fields like buttons, text boxes, list boxes, check boxes, and so on, into the PDF document
  • Drawing Header and Footer in a PDF document
  • Read existing PDF forms and filling the form
  • HTML web page pagination is available to render large web pages into PDF without any text truncation at page breaks. Also, you can render the web pages as streams to create PDF without any intermediate files on disk

Feature Details

Feature Support   Feature Support
Drawing Text   Standards  
Text Formatting PDF/ A-1b Compliance
Multilingual Support PDF/x1a: 2001 Compliance
Text Extraction (Only for .NET) Fonts  
Graphics   Standard Fonts
Pen and Brush CJK Fonts
Layers (Only for .NET) ** True Type Fonts
Transparent Graphics Unicode True Type
Color Spaces ** Images  
Image Extraction Scalar Images
Transform Mask
Bar code (Only for .NET) Vector Images
Document Operations   Watermarks
Merge Documents Data Management  
Split Document (Only for .NET) ADO.Net Tables Support(Only for .NET)
Overlay Documents Rich Table Styles
Import and Stamp Table Features(Only for .NET)
Booklet Page Operations  
Document Settings   Headers and Footers
Custom Metadata Page Label
Document Properties Automatic Fields
Page Orientation Interactive Elements  
Page Sizes Annotation **
Viewer Preferences Action
Forms   JavaScript
Create Form Attachment
Form Filling ** Bookmark
Form Export ** Security(Only for .NET)  
Conversion(Only for .NET)   Digital Signature
HTML to PDF Encryption
Doc To PDF (Spire.Doc required) Decryption

** Partial supported

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