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Sheffield Movie Color

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Sheffield Movie Color
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Movie Color gives you the ability to apply stylized, cinematic "looks" to your footage. It comes with over 50 named presets and the ability to design and save your own.
All of Movie Color's looks can be adjusted in minor scene-to-scene tweaking, or used as a starting point for a completely new look of your own.

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Movie Color is an FxFactory plugin that gives you the ability to apply stylized “looks” to your footage. It comes with over 50 such pre-designed looks in the form of named presets. Many of these looks were developed from popular films such as Transformers, Harry Potter, Pelham 123, etc. All of these looks can be adjusted in minor scene-to-scene tweaking, or used as a starting point for a completely new look of your own.

Movie Color allows you, through a variety of powerful methods, to build two tinted images and mix them back into your original image to varying degrees through the use of masks. A mask can be thought of as an adjustable stencil that allows you to control where and to what degree your tinted image is “painted” back over your original image. These masks are derived either from the saturation or from the luminance of the original image, or a combination of those qualities. Movie Color is based on FxFactory’s plugin engine which makes use of the power of your GFX card to do its rendering, thus does not load down your CPU. It is compatible with the hosts that FxFactory supports, currently FCP 6 through Final Cut X, Motion 3 upto Motion 5, and After Effects. It requires at least 10.6 (Snow Leopard) of the operating system.

Movie Color contains a Pre-Processing section that allows you to adjust the saturation, the brightness, and the contrast of your image as well as a “Bleach Bypass” setting. This preprocessing affects both the “tinted” images and the image they are blended back into. The masks, however, are always derived from the original unprocessed image. With the variety of colors, masks, blends, sliders, etc... the number of different settings available in Movie Color borders on the infinite. Only a subset of those will result in a pleasing image for your project. While it is tempting to indulge in some color theory here, that is really beyond the scope of these instructions and would only be repeating the extensive information already available on the internet (ApplePainter.com is a good place to start). You can create pleasant images by choosing complementary colors for your two tints (warm highlights and cool shadows is one possibility), or you can use similar colors to create a single warm or cool palette.

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Works in Final Cut Pro 6, 7 and X, Motion 3, 4 and 5, Final Cut Express 4, Premiere Pro 6 & 7, After Effects 10, 11, & 12.

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