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proDAD Mercalli V4 Sony Vegas Suite

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proDAD Mercalli V4 Sony Vegas Suite
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Mercalli lets you remove the effects of camera shake, jolts and trembling from recorded video sequences, to enhance the quality of important footage. Mercalli also improves your material by smoothing irregular pan or zoom shots. This makes Mercalli a highly valuable tool that'll rescue and optimize crucial video clips

  • proDAD
  • Windows


  • Absolutely fully automatic stabilisation, easier to use
  • Interactive overlay charts for uncovering "problem zones" in the video as an aid for manual adjustment as part of maximum video optimisation
  • Extremely quicker video analysis of the stabilisation (although significantly better than in V2)
  • Image sharpness in stabilised results significantly higher due to fewer zoom-in requirements and new algorithms, even and especially with interlace material
  • Fisheye effect videos no longer interfere with the stabilisation quality
  • Zoom-in requirements significantly reduced for stabilisation, thus more resolution and wide angle in stabilised results
  • Fade effect at the beginning and end of stabilisation areas in order to quickly and easily stabilise smaller areas of longer clips (without new section)
  • Now with 10-bit support
  • Now supports 10-bit, 4K and CinemaScope
  • Optimised multi-core and multi-threading for maximum computing speed
  • Incl. GPU support as an additional computational accelerator (according to existing graphics card
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General Information

  • Windows 64/32 Bit: Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1
  • 4 GB main memory
  • Graphic card with 512 MB and Shader 3.0

Realtime application

  • Windows 64/32 Bit: Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1
  • 4 GB main memory
  • For Stabilizr: Good graphic card with 512 MB and Shader 3.0 with quick bus
  • For CmosFixr: Very good graphic card with 1 GB and 3.0 with superfast bus
  • I7 CPU with 3 GHz and 8 cores

The realtime functionality is not available in all video editing programs; this depends on the setup of the timeline, the video resolution and the codec used

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