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PHYX Keyer 5

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PHYX Keyer 5
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This is the plugins that made us famous around the world. See for yourself how fast and easy keying can be

Meet the newest version of PHYX Keyer, PHYX Keyer 5. PHYX Keyer is a set of 10 plugins designed to give you even faster and more accurate keys than ever before.

The best just got better.  Come see for yourself why major companies, boutiques, and  freelancers alike are using PHYX Keyer. 
Get realistic results quickly and easily with PHYX Keyer 5.

  • PHYX
  • Mac


Have you ever noticed that the lighting on greenscreen talent doesn't match the lighting of the background ?  The revised CompositeMatcher color-matches the foreground to the background more accurately than before, blending the images together for absolute realism. Get matched with CompositeMatcher

Green spill can wreck any key.  In fact, spill is one of the worst artifacts of the keying process, and one which most commercial keying plugins are not able to accurately handle.  The revised Despill plugin completely neutralizes spill, removing the 'green halo of death' that destroys many green screen shots without color-shifting skin tones.

Have you ever wanted to key without a green screen ?  DiffKeyer keys the difference between two shots.  So if you shoot a background, then an actor in front of that same foreground, you can key-out the actor like magic.  No green screen needed.  Make keying simple with DiffKeyer.

Have you ever noticed jagged or 'extra' edges around keyed talent ?  Edges gives you a flexible toolset to smooth jagged edges, and further refine them, giving more natural realistic keys.  Live on the edge with Edges.

FastKeyer is a 'lite' version of several other plugins put together into one simple easy package.  FastKeyer is so simple, well-lit greenscreen footage can be completely keyed by simply selecting the background image.  FastKeyer contains mini-versions of Despill, Composite Matcher, and LightWrap for the fastest realism unmatched by any other keying system.  Go faster with FastKeyer.

6 keying engines inside one plugin to give you the power and flexibility to tackle any keying project.  The revolutionary NEW Phase Keyer gives unmatched flexibility and power for keying screens which are not perfectly green or blue, while adding Alpha Fill control.  Luma keys ?  You have talent in front of a white background and need to key them fast ?  No problem.  Greenscreen ?  We have 4 keying engines that can tackle green or blue screens shot in any format.  Unlock your potential with Keyer.

Do you want realistic keys ?  Matching lighting is essential.  LightWrap gives you the ability to blend the background light over the foreground giving you the ultimate blended look.  Wrap-up your keys with LightWrap.

Do you want to combine mutiple mattes to create the perfect one ?  MatteFuse gives you powerful tools to combine up to 8 mattes, inverted or straight.  Blend your perfect matte with MatteFuse.

Uneven greenscreen lighting can cause a number of problems, including the need to animate masks around your moving keyed objects, animating key parameters, and more.   ScreenCorrector makes it easy to achieve a smooth greenscreen, making the keying process faster, easier, and better.  Get correct with ScreenCorrector.

NEW SkinTools adds skin correction and relighting tools.  Smooth-out uneven complexions (acne, skin redness, etc.), and Re-light skin with any color of light.  Add a warm glow, cool cast, or ominous light to get the perfect look.  Give your keys the final touch with SkinTools.

Nieuw in deze versie


NEW in PHYX Keyer 5:

  • + certain operations are more than 400% faster than PHYX Keyer 4, including CompositeMatcher, Edges, FastKeyer, and LightWrap.
  • + FastKeyer is faster and more intuitive than previous versions, and includes a newly re-written Keying engine,
  • + SkinTools includes a new skin detection method, and Skin Light is brighter and more accurate than previous versions,
  • + New controls for Unpremultiply and Premultiply for increased flexibility and control, and more.




  • PHYX Keyer requires FxFactory 4 or above.
  • FxFactory requires ATI, NVIDIA or Intel HD graphics.
  • Apple OS X 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9




  • Apple Final Cut Pro (7 and 10)
  • Apple Motion (4 and 5)
  • Adobe After Effects (CS 5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (CS6 and CC)
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