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PHYX Color 3.0

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PHYX Color 3.0
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Tired of looking at dull-and-boring, or out-of-control color ?  Want a unique or popular look ?   Meet PHYX Color, winner of the DV Award of Excellence.

NEW FilmGrain creates realistic film-like grain.  NEW LookLab give you the ability to create cool and interesting looks, with control over Color Temperature, White Point, Gamma, Levels, and more.  NEW Mono plugin creates monochromatic images like no other plugin, with innovative controls.

Want a grad filter like a Ridley Scott film but you forgot to bring the filter to the shoot ?  No problem, we got you covered.  PHYX Color is a set of 9 plugins designed to give you control of color.  Get the look you want with PHYX Color 3.0.

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The Bleach Bypass process was developed by Miyazawa Kazuo in the late 1950’s to reduce saturation and latitude of film. This process has been used as a dramatic effect in many notable films such as; ‘Seven’, ‘Fight Club’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘300’, ‘Stealing Beauty’, and many other films.  Add this cool look to your arsenal

NEW FilmGrain creates realistic film-like grain, with control over; grain size, 'light balance' which controls the brightness or darkness of grain, and amount.  Use FilmGrain to make your footage look like 35mm with subtle tight grain, or crazy like super 8mm.

GlowDark adds unique diffusion to dark areas of images. It can add 'glow' darker areas of 3d generated imagery to make renders look smoother and ‘more real’. Glow Dark can also remove harshness from DSLR footage.  When you want smooth and rich images, GlowDark gives you the power

Gradient Designer is a powerful tool for simulating photographic Gradient (Grad) filters of any width,  vertical or horizontal. Controls let you specify exactly where you want the Gradient to be centered.  Multiple instances can be layered together to achieve any look.  Get that popular 'Grad Filter' look seen in movies from Ridley Scott and others.

NEW LookLab gives you complete control to correct: Color Temperature, White Balance, Color Tint, Gamma, Levels, and more.  A multitude of built-in presets give you epic, cutting-edge looks right-away.  Get the look you want with LookLab

NEW Mono plugin gives you the ability to create monochromatic images by: using a single color to re-map luminence, or by extracting the Luma channel from Y'Cr'Cb footage, or by using the Maximum Component to use the brightest value available in your footage.  This unique plugin gives power and flexibility to re-create vintage looks, or to generate new vivid looks with ease.

SelectiveSat allows you to precisely sample a color and control its saturation. Selective Saturation is perfect for precisely isolating and controlling single colors, and gives you control to isolate colors quickly and easily

ShiftSurpress powerfully shifts or suppresses any color in an any image. The amount of shift and suppression is fully controllable, so you get the results you are looking for quickly. Create ‘color gels’ and filters to create interesting looks with ease !

Techni2Color This processor simulates the Technicolor 2-strip process first introduced as the Technicolor System 1 Additive Color Projection in 1917. Technicolor processes were made extremely popular through films such as; ‘Gone With the Wind’, ‘Ben-Hur’, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, and many others.  This popluar look can give your projects a stylized vintage look, perfect for music videos, flashbacks, period films or television dramas, and more.  Get 'old-school' looks for your projects today

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Apple Final Cut Pro (7 or X), Apple Motion (4 or 5), Adobe After Effects (CS 5, CS5.5, or CS6), Adobe Premiere Pro (CS6).



  • PHYX Color 3.0 requires FxFactory 4.                                  
  • FxFactory requires ATI, NVIDIA or Intel HD graphics.                                     
  • Apple OS X 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9
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