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Nevron Vision for Sharepoint

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Nevron Vision for Sharepoint
Development Artikel nr.C-Nevron Vision for Sharepoint

Nevron Vision for SharePoint delivers the web parts needed to author advanced reports and dashboards inside any SharePoint page – and what is best – you do not need to be a developer to do that.              

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Nevron Vision for SharePoint

This suite of advanced web parts is designed to provide SharePoint IT professionals and developers with an easy and powerful way to create advanced digital dashboards and reports that perform sophisticated data analysis - visually and directly in SharePoint. 

The web parts are engineered to connect to a wide range of databases and SharePoint specific data sources and to provide fast, reliable, consistent and flexible data analysis to your sites. The pivot data aggregation features of the product are unique for the SharePoint ecosystem.

The web parts are internally using the leading data visualization technology from Nevron, which ensures that you have a complete and superior set of data visualization methods "out of the box". The visual quality and rendering speed of the created dashboards is unmatched.

The purely web based configuration of the web parts instantly improves your dashboard authoring experience. Almost every aspect of the web parts can be visually edited in great detail and no developer experience is required to create sophisticated dashboards that are truly data driven. Users with developer experience can take advantage of the built-in code injection feature to even further customize all aspects of the web parts.

Included in the installation are numerous examples, which will help you get started quickly. They are also a valuable source for templates that you can simply use in the dashboards that you create.

Nevron Vision for SharePoint includes the following web parts:

Nevron Chart for SharePoint - delivers a complete set of 2D and 3D charting types, highly customizable axes, industry leading pivot charting and stunning looks to your SharePoint sites. For more information see Chart Overview.

Nevron Gauge for SharePoint - delivers a rich set of radial and linear gauge types, digital displays and state indicators that are driven by pivot data aggregation. For more information see Gauge Overview.

Nevron Map for SharePoint - delivers complete ESRI maps support, 22 map projections, sophisticated filling rules, advanced data binding options and great visual effects to your dashboard. For more information on this web part go to the Map Overview topic.

Nevron Barcode for SharePoint - delivers complete support for displaying linear and matrix barcodes. For more information on this web part go to the Barcode Overview topic.

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Enhancements to Nevron Chart for SharePoint

Heat Map Chart Small
Heat Map Chart

New Heat Map series

This unique for SharePoint charting type lets you display a matrix as elevation values as a grid of colors, which are taken from an associated palette. In addition, the heat map series can show a set of contour lines (isolines) that cross specified elevation values.
Polar Vector Chart Small
Polar Vector Chart

New Subtypes for Polar Charts

The Polar chart contains the Polar Range and Polar Vector chart subtypes. Both chart subtypes allow you to visualize a pair of polar coordinates as a range or vector respectively.
Axis Table Scale Small
Axis Table Scale

New Table Scale

The Table Scale can visualize the data values of the series represented in a particular category. Table rows can be annotated with a series name and table columns can be annotated with the category name. This feature is very useful for stacked and clustered bar charts.
Smooth Area Palette Chart Small
Smooth Area Palette Chart

Value Palette

The Bar, Area, Smooth Area, Range and High Low series have been extended to support a feature called value palette. This feature allows you to color code the data points of the series depending on a their value so that the chart becomes more visually appealing to the user.
Histogram Chart Small
Histogram Chart

Bar Chart - Histogram Type

Bar Chart type supports a Histogram chart subtype with many options for controlling the histogram bin ranges.

Axis Scales

Axis Scales have the abitlity to hide the first / last automatically generated label.

Enhancements in Nevron Barcode for SharePoint

Data Matrix Barcode


Nevron Barcode for SharePoint has been enhanced with the following features:
  • Content Alignment - when in Scale mode the barcode content can be alignned to the barcode content area.
  • Show Label - the linear barcode labels can be optionally shown / hidden.
  • Data Matrix - new matrix barcode type.


Support for SharePoint Server 2016

Nevron Vision for SharePoint is now available for SharePoint 2016! The following list shows the supported versions of SharePoint Server:
  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS)
  • SharePoint Server 2007
  • SharePoint Server 2010
  • SharePoint Server 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2016
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