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Magic Bullet Denoiser III

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Magic Bullet Denoiser III
Foto / Video, Multimedia, plug-in, plug-in Artikel nr.C-Magic Bullet Denoiser III

Fast, Easy Video Noise Reduction
Remove noise and grain from your footage. Shooting in low light or at high ISO’s can add a lot of noise to your footage. Denoiser gets rid of that without removing detail.

  • Red Giant
  • Windows, Mac


IReasons To Buy

  • Fix high ISO settings or high gain that cause too much noise, like footage shot in low light conditions, or dark environments like concerts or nightclubs
  • Remove noise artifacts from archival or amateur video so the results look acceptable for broadcast
  • Motion Estimation feature identifies camera vs subject motion so your footage gets cleaned accurately whether it’s high or slow motion
  • Smooth the noise in green/bluescreen backgrounds so you can pull better chromakeys

A rock-steady tool to tame the noise

Apply Denoiser III and see results immediately, just like you did before. We kept the powerful features and high quality of Denoiser 1 while making the tool work even better behind the scenes. Denoiser II combines data over several frames to separate the noise from the image, giving you a professionally smoothed result that preserves the fine details.

Smart defaults give out-of-box smoothing

Denoiser III has been primed to give beautiful results without you touching any controls. We worked closely with industry professionals to make sure its defaults give a great balance between noise reduction and sharpness. In many situations, simply applying Denoiser II will eliminate unwanted noise. Out-of-box is out of this world.

Fine tuning controls for stubborn noise

Denoiser III’s powerful cleanup works right away but for difficult noise situations, you can easily fine tune with the advanced controls. Use options like Frame Sample, Motion Estimation, Noise Hint and Shadow Offset to set a new sample frame, preserve fast-moving action, reduce chroma blotches, or clean up shadow areas.
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Faster and Better Than Ever

Denoiser III has been rewritten entirely from scratch to give you the best, fastest, and most reliable video denoising experience available. Denoiser III has been rewritten entirely from scratch to give you the best, fastest, and most reliable video denoising experience available.

Denoiser III now gives you near real-time renders

New Simpler User Interface

Denoising doesn’t have to be complicated in order to get professional results. Denoiser III is a set of 5 simple sliders. Usually just applying Denoiser gets the job done, but the extra controls are there in case you need to tweak.




Magic Bullet Denoiser III runs in a variety of host applications. Each purchase and serial number allows the owner to use the product on more than one host application but only on a single computer at any one time. Except where noted, the features are the same in all systems and host applications.

Adobe After Effects CC(2017), CC(2015.3), CC (2015), CC (2014)

Adobe Premiere Pro CC(2017), CC(2015.3), CC (2015), CC (2014)

Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.2.3 and up

Apple Motion 5.2.3 and up 

Please ensure that the host version is compatible with your operating system. Check with your application provider for specifics.

    • Apple Macintosh

Mac OS X 10.10 and later

    • PC / Windows

Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit

We require a discrete GPU to get the most out of Denoiser III.

- For AMD, we recommend HD7000 and higher, R7 or R9 series graphics cards; or the professional series FireGL cards.  GPU must support OpenCL v1.2 and up.

- For Nvidia, we recommend GeForce 600 series and higher graphics cards; or the professional series Quadro cards.  GPU must support OpenCL v1.2 and up.

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