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LightWrap Fantastic for AE/PP/FCP

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LightWrap Fantastic for AE/PP/FCP
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The Light Wrap Fantastic enables better composites by easily allowing users to blend the background with the foreground in such a way that it appears the light of the background is affecting the foreground. Essentially simulating backlighting. The plugin has all the controls you need to create a realistic light wrap making it a quick and easy process.

  • Digital Anarchy
  • Windows, Mac


A Great Plugin for Fantastic Composites


Easy compositing of green or blue screen images on a background

Light wrap simulates backlighting, making the compositing of two images that weren’t originally together to look more realistic. Particularly for bright backgrounds that would normally affect the foreground.

Most green or blue screen footage looks somewhat 'cut out' when put on a different background. The Light Wrap Fantastic makes it easier to eliminate the 'cut out' look.

What is light wrap exactly?

It takes the background layer and ‘wraps’ it around the edge of the foreground. Or you can wrap a solid color around the foreground. These look like this:
      Basically you’re putting a soft version of the background on top of the foreground and then blending that with the background. Making for a more realistic green screen composite.       

Control every aspect of the light wrap within one plugin

While it’s usually possible to create a light wrap effect within most host applications, it requires multiple layers, masks and effects. The Light Wrap Fantastic simplifies this by giving you complete control in one plugin. This includes being able to mask the effect from within the plugin.



Works with any blue or green screen plugin

It doesn’t matter what plugin you use… The Light Wrap Fantastic works great and will help you blend your foreground and background more realistically.

Of course, it works great with plain old Masks as well.

If you've roto'd something with Mocha Pro or the like, LWF will make that look great too!


Fast Rendering using Your GPU

Fast rendering is essential to fitting into a your workflow. We use both CUDA and OpenCL to completely optimize the rendering for Nvidia and AMD GPUs.       



Different modes for different workflows

You can just apply the filter and use it as is, or apply it to a separate layer and combine just the light wrap itself with other layers. Whatever your workflow, the Light Wrap Fantastic will fit into it.



Use built-in masks to control where the light wrap appears

You can use three different kinds of masks to control where the light wrap appears on the foreground. You can use the built-in gradient for a simple, fast mask or something more complex with a layer or path.


Standalone plugin, no need to buy an expensive package with tools you don't need.

As a standalone plugin, it makes it much more affordable to get great green or blue screen composites! Most host applications don't come with a Light Wrap filter even though they all ship with built-in keyers. That's a little surprising considering how effective Light Wrap is at improving composites. So we wanted to make it available to video editors and visual effects artists so you could get it without buying a whole keying package, usually with tools that already ship for free in your host application.


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