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FileConvert 10 Pro

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FileConvert 10 Pro
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Create Searchable PDF Files with FileConvert PDF Conversion and Automated OCR Software

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Feature Overview 
Convert Image Files to Searchable PDF
FileConvert will convert image files (usually scanned documents or faxes) to searchable PDF format. This means that the new file will have a true image of the original, but it will also have embedded text that you can copy or use for keyword searches. Besides PDF, FileConvert will also convert files to TXT (plain text) or TIFF image format. You'll get to choose the output format when you set up your job.
Convert Existing Files
Maybe you have a hard drive full of old scans or faxes that need to be updated to searchable PDF. FileConvert will look through whole trees of folders for these old images and either convert them in-place, leaving a new searchable PDF where the old image file was, or put the converted file in a parallel folder tree, maintaining the folder layout of the source tree. Learn more »
Convert the Output of a Network Scanner or Fax
If your network scanner or fax server saves to file, as most do, FileConvert will watch for these new files and convert them to searchable PDF format. Learn more »
Integrated OCR
The key to making PDF files searchable is extracting actual text from the images. This is known as OCR, or Optical Character Recognition. FileConvert can silently run OCR as part of the conversion process.
Unfortunately, OCR is also the slowest part of a conversion. To give you better computer performance during working hours, FileConvert has flexible scheduling so you can run jobs only during off-hours or over the weekend. You still get the benefits of searchable PDF files without putting up with the slow-downs. Learn more »
Automatic Separation
FileConvert can automatically break up a single scan into individual files. This lets you scan a whole stack of documents in a single job, knowing that FileConvert will take care of splitting them up into separate files for you. Learn more »
Intelligent Naming & Routing
When you scan documents, you can include routing information that will tell FileConvert exactly where to save the files, what file format to use, and what filename to use. Clever use of FileConvert's intelligent routing can help you reduce the whole the scanning, conversion, and saving process down to a single button-press. Learn more »
Flexible Scheduling
FileConvert provides flexible scheduling options. Run a conversion job on demand, at a specific time each day, or even every minute. Different kinds of conversion jobs have different time requirements. FileConvert is designed to accomodate them all. You'll specify your scheduling preference when you create a job.
Job Priority
Need to slip a high priority job in at the top of the queue? FileConvert jobs have a priority setting so that the most crucial jobs get done first.
Detailed Status Reports
FileConvert will let you know exactly how your conversion jobs have gone. Detailed logs give you job overviews, including any errors or warnings, and tell you exactly which files were converted, right down to how files were separated and routed. You can see the logs anytime from the Log tab at the bottom of the FileConvert interface.

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Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 (or newer). Full compatibility with 64-bit machines.
CPU: 750 MHz*
Memory: 500 MB RAM minimum; at least 1 GB recommended*
Hard Drive Space: 100 MB
*Additional memory and CPU speed is strongly recommended for better OCR performance. FileConvert Pro Plus is optimized for up to four processor cores.
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