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Edraw Infographics 8
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Maak nu infographics voor de meest uiteenlopende onderwerpen zoals muziek sport, onderwijs, tranport en milieu, met gratis sjablonen en symbolen. Het maken van infographics is nog nooit zo gemakkelijk geweest!

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Creating Infographics with free templates and symbols. Making infographics has never been easier. Start a free trial and make presentation-quality infographics right now!

Business Infographics

Infographic is a popular strategy among businesses because it's an engaging method for presenting your business content to your target audience. You can create business infographics to inform, advertise or promote your products/services. Also, you can use infographics to present ideas, communicate with workmates, or report your work in your company. How to make visually enticing business infographics without spending too much time? Well, you can try Edraw infographic maker coming with lots of built-in clip arts for business infogrpahic design.

Create good-looking education infographics with vector education infographic elements. Easy to publish to PDF, PNG, JPEG and share on website.

Make School Infographics Easily

Infographics supply you with a lot of information in a visual manner. Educators use infographics to spread the latest statistics, post notification, and share knowledge. How to make elegant and attractive infographics for education without spending too much time? The answer is to use pre-made vector education graphics in Edraw.

Create awesome food infographics with vector food infographic elements. Easy to edit elements, insert charts, change colors, lay out elements and share results.

The Easiest Way to Create Food Infographics

Edraw allows you to customize food infographics in minutes using existing symbols and templates. It lets you drag and drop the graphics and edit to your liking. You are also allowed to add local images, insert charts and maps, use backgrounds and titles, and edit texts. You can configure an extensive set of options to make beautiful food infographics.

How to create great medical infographics? Is there a desktop program that I can make medical infographics out of built-in elements? The answer is to use Edraw - a powerful infographic maker coming with lots of resources.

An Easy Way to Build Medical Infographics

Create medical infographics to visualize complicated data. Edraw gives you an extensive set of options to make custom medical infographics. With it, you are allowed to drag and drop pre-made medical elements, modify the elements, insert own pictures, add text blocks, arrange your content and publish to PDF, PNG, BMP and JPEG formats. Creating infographics never becomes so easy.

Drag and drop built-in clip arts and graphics to create environment infographics. Build good-looking infographics for environment in minutes and share on posts and websites.

Obtain a large number of Environment Infographic Elements

Creating environment infographics can be incredibly easy using pre-made design elements. Various vector environment clip arts give you great convenience in making creative infographics about environment. They are in vector graphic formats so you can modify the size and color to fit your design theme. Besides the environment elements, it also provides other basic drawing elements, such as arraws, callouts, basic shapes, icons, titles, backgrounds, etc.

An easy-to-use tool helps you create transportation infographics at ease. Abtain a large number of vector transportation clip arts and re-use them to make personalized transportation infographics.

Try an Efficient Method to Create Transportation Infographics

Create transportation infographics with built-in transportation icons in the predefined symbol library, and that's just the beginning. You can further edit the icons with the color and size you like. Besides, you are allowed to insert pre-made charts, maps, diagrams, tables, and local images in your design. Drawing custom shapes is also available. Try this powerful tool to make awesome transportation infographics and impress your readers.

When it comes to creating architecture infographics, professional infographics software benefits you more than ever before. You can use various preset templates, clip arts, infographics charts and you can also insert local pictures.

Architecture Infographics

Architecture infographic is a media tool helping people understand architecture related information in a visually stunning way. You want to create an architecture infographic that surprises your audience in a presentation? Try Edraw infographic software, a fantastic infographic drawing tool with lots of built-in templates, examples andclip arts.

People tend to illustrate data by visualization. When it comes to event about music, music infographics come into being. It really helps when people attempt to deal with things like a report on singing contests and assessment on instruments.

Make Music Infographics Easily

Edraw infographics maker is a highly praised infographic drawing software. It contains plenty of music infographics templates, instrument clip arts, symbols and icons needed for music infographics. It also supports auto-alignment, auto-distribution and auto-layout, which can really get your task done easily. Further more, you are allowed to export your design to other formats like PNG, JPEG, PDF, PS, EPS, Html, SVG, etc.

Create tourism infographics with various tourism clip arts and symbols. You can also edit these symbols and clip arts to your liking or insert a local image into your infographics.

Design Tourism Infographics with Easy-to-use Software

To create a professional and inviting tourism infographics, you need to select easy-to-use infographics software with extensive tourism templates and relevant symbols. Edraw infographic maker fulfills the required criteria completely.

Technology has exerted enormous impact on our society. It has changed our daily life from how we run business to how we relax. The technology industry is featured of moving at very high speed hence a great deal of data is generated every single second. Therefore, creating eminent technology infographics become much more significant than ever before. Edraw infographic software is excellent in designing technology infographics. With a large number of premade elements, you are able to create technology easily and fast.

Create Technology Infographics Easily

Edraw Infographic Software is a well-received among infographic designers. It has straightforward interface, abundant stencils and hundreds of templates. It is easy to learn as the interface is quite similar to Microsoft Office. You can easily handle it as long as you know how to use Word. It provides a large amount of technology symbols in the predefined ibraries. Besides, many technology templates are included in the software for your quick start. In this way, you can design awesome technology infographics within minutes. Furthermore, it offers several saving formats such as JPG, PDF, PS, EPS, Office, Html, SVG, etc.

Nowadays with information overloaded in the fast-paced environment, infographics has been a popular and effective tool in news industry to help convey news content and visualize complex data. How to make a news infographic that can get your audience impressed? Have a try of this highly automated infographics maker.

Create Superb News Infographics

Edraw infographic maker is a powerful and reputable cross-platform (Mac/Windows/Linux) infographic drawing tool. It has many premade news infographic templates which help users start right away. In addition, it provides a large collection of useful elements you may need for your news infographics such as basic shapes, arrows, call outs, 2D blocks, icons, infographic charts and maps. Furthermore, exporting drawing to PNG, PDF, PS, EPS, Office, Html, SVG and Visio can be achieved by one click


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