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DesignCAD 2D 2016

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DesignCAD 2D 2016
CAD Artikel nr.C-DesignCAD 2D 2016

DesignCAD is een veelzijdige en gemakkelijk te gebruiken 2D-CAD-programma met honderden 2D teken- en ontwerpgereedschappen om snel en nauwkeurig op schaal, precisie ontwerpen te maken. Uitermate geschikt voor bouwtekeningen, plattegronden en layouts. Dit alles met de grootste nauwkeurigheid en hoogst mogelijke mate van tolerantie.

  • TurboCAD
  • Windows


Easy to Use 2D Drafting & Design

Intuitive yet sophisticated editing tools, advanced geometric construction capabilities, drawing short cut keys and complete layer management make 2D drafting a breeze. 

  • Usability Tools
  • Workspace Tools
  • Macros
  • Drawing Tools
  • Editing and Measuring
  • Dimension Tools
  • Groups, Blocks, Symbols and more!

Windows 64-bit & 32-bit Compatible

Choose from our traditional 32-bit version, or install the new 64-bit compatible version, that utilizes expanded computer memory to load, process, and render files of nearly any size.

Smart Menus

DesignCAD offers smart menus that are initially presented with a shortened list of available menu commands to help reduce screen clutter. The menus can be expanded to show all items by clicking on the double arrows at the bottom of the menu. Great for learning, this option can be enabled or disabled depending on the user's preference.


DesignCAD utilizes layers that can be independently switched on and off in order for users to have a better visibility of the drawing. For example, if you just need to see the outline of a component, switch off other layers containing center lines, dimensions, etc.

DesignCAD can also lock layers, so that they are visible but not editable, in order to prevent accidental changes to the locked layer. Some features of objects, such as color or linestyle, can also be controlled on a per-layer basis.

Associative Dimensions

Associative dimensions will automatically update as you change the size of the object they are associated with. For example, if a radial dimension is associated with a circle, when you change the radius of the circle using the Info Box, the associated radial dimension is automatically updated to match the new radius.

Added Flexibility when Sharing Your Work

  • Print Section - Print only a specified region of the drawing.
  • Print Scale Options - Select from a standard set of print scale options or create your own.
  • Info Box - Roll out or more permanently open the info box to display the details of any selected object to help you speed through the design options, even if you’re still learning/span>
  • User Notes – Add notes to any drawing/span>
  • Save for Sharing - When you save a drawing, all files referenced externally (textures, symbols, images) are saved to a subfolder with the host drawing’s name.
  • Paper Space Mode – Create a view frame and choose a specific scale or enter a custom view frame scale.

AutoCAD® DWG/DXF Compatible

Work with the latest AutoCAD® files. Import/Export AutoCAD® files from R12 through 2016 and enjoy excellent compatibility with AutoCAD® layouts and PaperSpace, plus support for AutoCAD® layers, linestyles, views, and blocks in both DXF and DWG file formats. DesignCAD even offers limited support for Architectural Desktop (ADT) objects, which are recognized and exploded to DesignCAD equivalents.

DesignCAD can import, or open, leading CAD file formats including DWG, DXF, vector WMF, HPGL, and XYZ. DesignCAD can export or save to DWG, DXF, vector WMF, HPGL, PDF and SKP.

DesignCAD also supports several image formats including .BMP, .TIF, .JPG, .TGA, .PCX, .PNG, and .GIF

Nieuw in deze versie


New Insert Manager

Quickly review and manage all blocks, symbols, and image files referenced or embedded in a drawing.

  • Improved Blocks Management – Get a visual list of all blocks present in a drawing. Access and edit block information more quickly and easily than ever before. Sort blocks by Name, ID, or Reference Counts and easily copy this information to the clipboard. Right-click the Reference Counts lines to see context menus of the categories—Direct, Indirect, and In Definition. Three editing operations—Open in Block Editor, Delete, and Insert—allow you to quickly make almost any change (with some limitations) without the distraction of other drawing entities.
  • Improved Image Management – Similar to the Blocks tab, the new Image tab of the Insert Manager makes it easy to access and edit the raster images in a design. Additional sort options include sort by Path, Index, and Embedded fields.
  • Improved Symbols Management - The Symbols tab of the Insert Manager has the same features as the Images tab, and also has the Open in Block Editor button, just like the Blocks tab.

New Custom Properties

DesignCAD now supports the addition of custom properties to drawings and to drawing entities. Custom Properties are bits of text that are identified by a combination of a Key and a Name field. This is a means of adding "invisible" text information to a drawing or an object. These custom properties can be viewed and edited manually by means of a Custom Properties dialog, or processed by code via BasicCAD macros or OLE Automation programs.

New Flicker-Free GDI Draw

A new option for Flicker-Free GDI Draw uses special optimizations to speed up the draw of wide lines in GDI wireframe views. The difference is particularly notable under Windows 7 if you have transparency enabled.

Improved AutoCAD DWG/DXF File Interoperability

Continued improvements and bug fixes have been added and/or corrected for smooth file sharing with .DWG and .DXF file formats



64-bit System Requirements: Microsoft Windows ® 10*, Windows ® 8* (64-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Vista (64-bit)** - 2GB RAM; 750 MB free hard drive space

32-bit System Requirements: Microsoft Windows ® 10*, Windows ® 8*, Windows 7, Windows Vista**, Windows XP** - 1GB RAM; 750 MB free hard drive space

Recommended: Newer generation, higher speed CPU; 4+ GB RAM; Large display resolution and graphics support; Internet connection for online features and content 

*DesignCAD is designed for desktops or laptops that meet the indicated system requirements. Windows RT technology for use on tablets is not supported.

** DesignCAD will run on XP and Vista platforms; however, these platforms are no longer being officially supported.

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