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ConceptDraw Office 4

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ConceptDraw Office 4
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eConceptDraw Office 4 is een uitgebreide suite van productivity tools voor zakelijk gebruik en bestaat uit:

  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP v9 Process, Brainstorming & Thought Organization
  • ConceptDraw  PROJECT v7 Project & Resource Management
  • ConceptDraw  PRO v11 Business Diagramming & Illustration

De drie producten maken gebruik van CS Odessa's INGYRE3 technology die garant staat voor ongelooflijk krachtige integratie mogelijkheden die de allerdaagse werkflows streamlinen en toegang geeft tot ongekende creativiteit

  • ConceptDraw
  • Windows, Mac


Comprehensive Management Software

Successful Managers think differently because of the multitasking nature of their jobs. Business processes and project management are key areas of focus for them.
These activities require business documentation, comprehensive reports, and informative presentations. ConceptDraw Office v4 assists in the strategic planning for any organization with three well-integrated applications.

Approach to Integration

Why Separate?

Knowledge workers are heavily involved in structuring, managing, and displaying results of their work. These activities need tools. A single tool is not practical because the overall work process requires numerous tools. In practice knowledge workers do one activity at a time, including thinking and structuring; avoiding obstacles and managing results; and drawing descriptive sketches. At any one time knowledge workers need a range of professional tools to perform any specific activity. For this reason, the user interface of the application needs to focus on each activity. For example, a professional carpenter has a tool belt with many individual tools for building a house. No professional carpenter has ever requested a universal tool to function as a paint brush, measuring tape, and sledge hammer.

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Knowledge workers require automation to manage their activities. ConceptDraw Office provides a set of tools that meet this requirement. ConceptDraw MINDMAP identifies and structures ideas and generates final documents and presentations. Use ConceptDraw PROJECT to assign tasks and report completeness of multiple projects. Use ConceptDraw PRO to build technical schemes and diagrams for documentation and also to create status dashboards. All these products provide a tool set for professionals in your organization. Choose the proper tools to get the best results.

Why Together?

Combining the tools in our work we go from one tool to another tool. We finish working with one tool and move to another tool. This reduces productivity because we must transfer our data from one application to another. ConceptDraw products are tightly integrated so time wasted switching from one tool to another is eliminated.

Why Use Data Technologies?

The amount of time used to switch your work data inside ConceptDraw applications is minimal and there is never a penalty for switching back and forth between tools. Now you can change tools as often as required. ConceptDraw Office lets you use the proper tool at the proper moment, for the proper effect. The data integration technologies in ConceptDraw Office connect your working applications using technical solutions from ConceptDraw Solution Park. This integration allows your applications to work together as a single tool for accomplishing your goals.

The technology used in ConceptDraw Office includes:

  • INGYRE4 technology
  • Intelligent topics
  • Smart inputs and outputs
  • Live Objects
  • ConceptDraw Solution Park
  • Dashboards
  • Dynamic presentations

ConceptDraw Office uses these technologies to extend your connectivity with other applications and productivity tools. It also extends your data integration capability within your workflow. Additional technical solutions for your professional needs are collected in ConceptDraw Solution Park. You can extend your ConceptDraw applications by installing additional sophisticated and useful data integration solutions found in the ConceptDraw Solution Park.

Nieuw in deze versie


ConceptDraw Office v4 document exchange technologies integrate all aspects of organizational workflow to save time and improve workflow. ConceptDraw Office v4 features a number of essential functional and interface improvements for both the macOS and Windows platforms.

ConceptDraw Office v 4 contains three integrated products that are well-suited to improve workflow. All products making up ConceptDraw Office v4 feature the completely revamped graphical user interface for macOS and Windows and support high resolution displays. Our new Office suite includes a major update to each of the three of our products, enhancing each individual component, as well as the integration between all three.

The new ConceptDraw STORE is your guide to managing the ConceptDraw products and solutions. ConceptDraw STORE helps you find out solutions that meet your business needs. ConceptDraw STORE also notifies you of new solutions and updates that are available for download and installation.

There are many enhancements and improvements to ConceptDraw Office 4. Check individual products: ConceptDraw PRO v11, ConceptDraw MINDMAP v9, and ConceptDraw PROJECT v8, to view a summary of the new functionality in each product





  • OS: Apple macOS® 10.10 en hoger
  • CPU: Intel
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • HDD: 650 MB
  • OS: Microsoft Windows® 7/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit certified)
  • CPU: Intel of AMD; 1.8 GHz of hoger
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • HDD: 540 Mb vrije ruimte (1.5 GB tijdens de installatie)
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