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ConceptDraw Diagram 13

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ConceptDraw Diagram 13
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ConceptDraw DIAGRAM 13 ensures that it still to be the world-leading professional and easy-to-use business diagramming software. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13 provides a complete range of business graphic documentation solutions with thousands of stencils and hundreds of templates for rapid diagramming. ConceptDraw Solutions offer business-specific add-ons to support an expansive variety of workflow requirements. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13 is a versatile diagramming tool, which provides for the sharing of drawings and assists in team collaboration through presentations and many export options. The latest release of DIAGRAM v13 includes a number of your most requested enhancements. Among them, the application performance increase due to an improved rendering of large files with many objects on the page

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ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13 Features

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13 is a versatile diagramming software that you can run on macOS and Windows OS. It comes with thousands of stencils and templates ready for immediate diagramming and provides a comprehensive suite of graphic documentation solutions of all types of businesses. Being a highly flexible diagramming platform, DIAGRAM v13 offers impressive presentation capabilities and a number of export options that enable easy document sharing and facilitate team collaboration.

Business Visualization Solutions

Set of the business specific diagramming free and paid solutions. Hundreds of vector stencil libraries for different business activities. Sets of thematic templates and samples. Preview and download content of solutions using ConceptDraw STORE.

ConceptDraw Solutions

Visio Alternative on macOS and Windows

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13 is a viable MS Visio alternative for individuals and organizations that are looking for a professional business software. It has import and export roundtrip of the MS Visio file format — can open and save documents that can be used by MS Visio (VSD, VDX, and VSDX documents) users. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM can import both generations of MS Visio stencils (VSS or VSSX) to enhance further editing of diagrams created in MS Visio.

visio alternative

Quick Diagramming Tools

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13 provides a set of tools enabling diagrams creating faster than ever. It takes a few minutes even for an inexperienced user to create a diagram using vector object libraries. The set of powerful drawing tools help to automate routine operations with multiple objects and allow one to quickly layout objects properly. The Rapid Draw tools make the short work of creating diagrams. By using Rapid Draw objects, you can quickly add, connect, and arrange a large group of objects with a few clicks. Using these tools will accelerate notably designing of Business Process Diagrams, Process Flowcharts and UML diagrams.


Smart Diagramming Tools

Live objects can dynamically show changes based on external data source files to give you an accurate overview of any process. Live Objects help you track and communicate process KPIs using interactive charts and indicators. Some library objects can be edited by using the predefined actions, which can be managed with the Action button. Deep object customization is provided with PowerEdit functionality. You can create your own objects with specific custom behavior.


Connection Tools

These tools allow you to create and modify connections. Their behavior, including the Run Around Objects option depends on the connector's type (Direct, Smart, Curve, Round, Bezier, or Arc). You can flip between them dynamically. We have Chain and Tree modes for automatic object connection. Any object can be transformed to a connector. A connection point is a special place on an object. When you glue a connector to a connection point, it stays connected, even if one of the shapes is moved. You can add connection points to an object or to the blank area in a document. DIAGRAM v13 provides you with new improved connection tools. Making invisible a part of the connector enables you to create a connection that does not have a visible junction with the object. The part of the connector becomes invisible, but it will still be glued to connection points on objects.

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What is New in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13 contains a set of essential improvements. Most of them are developed in the wake of our users' requests. Our users want the documents they created, open fast and look professional. This release brings improved rendering of large files with many objects on the page. The new Crop Tool, renewed Connection Tools, possibility to import/export animated GIF, and other features provided in the latest edition helps move your experience in business diagramming to the next level enabling you to get and share professional-level drawings effortlessly.


Crop Tool

The new cropping tool is available for raster images you inserted into your document. You can use the cropping tool to trim or remove unwanted parts of images inserted from files, or copy-pasted from another application.


Connectors Improvements

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM provides you with new possibilities for depicting connections between objects. You can make a part of the connector invisible. it is possible to create connectors that do not have a visible connection to the objects by adding two-sided margins (Fields), or one-sided indents (Path). The part of the connector becomes invisible, but it will still be glued to connection points on objects. The ability to visually "break" the connection line is created using smart or direct connectors.


Objects’ Functional Buttons

Now you have buttons near the selected object that allows you adding a smart connector just in one click and provide the quick access to action options, custom properties, and a hypernote.


Import and Export of GIF Animation

Make an animated GIF from a dynamic presentation generated using ConceptDraw DIAGRAM presentation mode. Embed the GIF animation into your drawing using the new Import capabilities.


Solutions Panel Improvements

The new filters added to the Solutions panel will help you quickly find the exact solution that is most helpful for your tasks.


Support of Dark Mode on macOS

Since macOS Mojave release, Apple allows third-party software to use it. The high text contrast provided in the Dark Mode facilitates reading of text and graphics documents. Applying dark colors instead of white reduces eye fatigue and improves the perception of visual documents.





  • OS: Apple macOS® 10.10 en hoger
  • CPU: Intel
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • HDD: 650 Mb
  • OS: Microsoft Windows® 7/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit certified)
  • CPU: Intel or AMD; 1.8 GHz of hoger
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • HDD: 540 Mb vrije ruimte (1.5 GB tijdens de installatie)
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