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Clip StudioPaint & Photoshop Brush Pack

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Clip StudioPaint & Photoshop Brush Pack
Grafisch Artikel nr.C-Clip Studio Paint & Photoshop Brush Pack
The Ultimate CLIP STUDIO PAINT (formerly Manga Studio) & PHOTOSHOP Brush Pack is a professionally designed brush pack, created for use in CLIP STUDIO PAINT and PHOTOSHOP.
  • Smith Micro
  • Windows, Mac


The Ultimate CLIP STUDIO PAINT & PHOTOSHOP Brush Pack is an amazing pack that includes a variety of brushes for everyone. Whether you're a digital artist, illustrator, comic artist, manga artist, professional or hobbyist, you will love this brush pack.

For your convenience, we have made these brushes available for both CLIP STUDIO PAINT & PHOTOSHOP. That way, you'll never miss a beat regardless of what application you're using.

There are 200 brushes in the Ultimate CLIP STUDIO PAINT & PHOTOSHOP Brush Pack. The Brush Pack includes 100 CLIP STUDIO PAINT brushes and 100 PHOTOSHOP brushes. The CLIP STUDIO PAINT brushes and PHOTOSHOP brushes are identical.

Get professional results on your terms in either CLIP STUDIO PAINT or PHOTOSHOP.

The Ultimate CLIP STUDIO PAINT & PHOTOSHOP Brush Pack Includes the following brushes:

  • 5 cloud - Create your own dreamy horizon with these cloud brushes.

  • 5 crowd - Save time and expedite your backgrounds with these crowd brushes.

  • 5 spray - Create amazing textures with these spray brushes.

  • 5 trees & grass - Maximize your drawing time with tree and grass brushes.

  • 15 inking - Create amazing lines with these natural inking brushes.

  • 15 painterly & watercolor & oil & bristle & acrylic & sponge - Realistic and natural brushes for everyone.

  • 15 pastel & charcoal - Dry brushes for that organic look and feel.

  • 15 penciling & sketching - Get started with you masterpiece with these natural brushes.

  • 20 splatter - Add realism to any artwork.

BONUS: 9 PSD files with actual artwork created using these brushes! Use these files for inspiration!

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CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO (formerly Manga Studio 5), CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX (formerly Manga Studio EX 5). PHOTOSHOP CS 5 or higher

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