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Cineflare Object Animator for FCP X

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Cineflare Object Animator for FCP X
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This powerful tool allows you to quickly add animations to any element on your timeline by simply choosing an option from a drop-down menu! Object Animator saves you hours of time, helping you to avoid key-framing animations you commonly use as an editor. From basic panning to more advanced elastic-type animations, Object Animator lets you easily add professional and creative animations to your logos, images, info graphics, titles, and even video.

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Object Animator comes equipped with over 80 options in both the incoming and outgoing animation. One of the great features is the fact that you can choose a different incoming animation from your outgoing animation. Choose the Ease Down animation to bring in your logo, then choose the Elastic Up for your outgoing animation. Changing these up will give you so many combinations and options to fit your style.

One of the biggest benefits of Object Animator is how easy it is to animate your elements onto the timeline. Imagine how much time you will save by simply choosing an option from the drop-down. Then if you decide later you want a different animation, you simply choose that element and choose a different animation option. What if your client decides they want a bounce animation rather than a simple movement animation? You don’t have to go in and delete all the work you already did…you simply choose another option and you’re done!




When you click the view the Axis Controls, two sets of lines will appear over your frame once you have applied it to a clip. In the first part of your clip the lines controls the X and Y axis of the incoming animation. The lines toward the end of the clip show the control over the outgoing animation. When you adjust these axis lines, you change the X and Y center points of the animation. This is useful for several of the types of animation presets since sometimes you will want the animation points to be different from dead center.




We have built in some constant “drift” type animations to give your images some more variety when animating. When adjusting the sliders of these parameters, you can make your elements drift across, zoom in or out, or have a random drift motion across the duration of your clip.





Once you have applied one of the Object Animator tools to a clip, you can then go in and change the scale, rotation, and position of the image by simply using the on-screen controls to do so. It’s fast and easy. Also, if you prefer, you can do the same by using the controls in the inspector panel.





The drop shadow feature allows you to quickly add a drop show to your elements. If you do this on an image that is a transparent png, for example, it can ad some great depth to your image.






The reflection tool is a customer favorite! For any title, video, image, or logo, click the Reflection option, make a few adjustments, and you instantly have a great looking reflection of your image or element.






Sometimes a client will give you a logo that has several colors in it. If you require to make the logo a solid color (for a watermark or something similar), just drag and drop the Logo Solid tool onto that image and adjust the color using the color tool in the inspector window.






We have included a bonus preset that instantly makes a video element into a smaller screen with a reflection below it.


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