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Capture One Pro 20 for Nikon

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Capture One Pro 20 for Nikon
Foto / Video Artikel nr.C-Capture One 20 for Nikon

Get the best Nikon photos <BR>Save on the ultimate photo editing software with a Capture One version that's just for Nikon files and tailored to Nikon colors – and makes them look better than ever.

  • Phase One
  • Windows, Mac


Feature walkthrough

Scrolling Tools

Take advantage of the refined layout in every Tool Tab that provides even more options for customizing your workspace.

  • The tools can be now divided into two sections: pinned (on top) and scrollable (below).
  • Move the tools between sections by dragging them or using a submenu.

 New Basic Color Editor

The Basic part of the Color Editor tool has been re-engineered to provide enhanced functionality.

  • The spectrum is now split into eight ranges instead of six.
  • The ranges are available from color patches and are adjusted with sliders that are now showing gradient colors, indicating their effect.
  • All changes made to the ranges of the spectrum are reflected in the color patches and the gradients on the sliders.
  • The Basic part of the Color Editor tool works on Layers.
  • The Direct Color Editor in the Basic tab is a new Cursor Tool. Use it to click and drag anywhere on the image and observe the alteration of the corresponding slider depending on the chosen dragging direction.

Improved High Dynamic Range Tool

The sliders in High Dynamic Range now start in the middle allowing both recovery of shadows and highlights along with the possibility to amplify the ranges, increasing the contrast. For better control of the darkest shadows and the brightest highlights, the two sliders, White and Black, were also introduced. This makes it possible to fine-tune contrast using the High Dynamic Range tool only. In case more control is needed, the Levels and Curves tools can be used.

Improved Noise Reduction Tool

Get better image quality by using the improved Noise Reduction tool which has been re-engineered to retain more details, colors, and patterns. The impact of the Amount slider has become more significant and noticeable.

 Improved Crop Tool

The improved Crop Tool makes it much easier to manage the crop area.

  • Handles have been added to the edges of the crop area.
  • Use the Alt key to crop around the center.
  • The Shift key locks the current aspect ratio when cropping with an unconstrained ratio. Also, use the Shift key to create a new crop from anywhere in the image in case you do not want to resize the existing one by dragging the edges. Basically, holding the Shift key while applying a crop will ignore any previous crop.
  • Freehand rotation can be accessed by either moving the cursor outside the corner of the crop area or by using the modifier key Cmd (macOS)/Ctrl (Windows).
  • After having chosen the crop area, press the Return/Enter key or switch to another cursor tool to apply the crop.

 Select Next When

This feature is particularly useful when working with high-volume Sets (selections of multiple images). Enable this feature from Select -> Select Next When -> Star Rated/Color Tagged. That way, the next image in the collection will be automatically selected after a star rating or color tag is applied by using a shortcut.

 Improved Copy/Apply for Layers

The workflow has become more flexible when working with Layers while copying and applying adjustments between images.

  • In the Adjustments Clipboard, select which particular Layers you want to copy to other images.
  • When Layers are applied to other images, they will be added on top of other already present Layers without any replacement.
  • It is now possible to Copy and Apply Layers between images of different dimensions.

 Improved DNG support

If Capture One has implemented support for a camera model, the DNG file it creates will have individually tweaked colors with our custom profile. With Capture One 20, DNG files from camera models that are not supported will still look great. This opens up for great color profiling of all smartphones, drones and camera models that capture in DNG format.

 User experience changes throughout the app

There are several important user experience changes coming in Capture One 20:

  • Adjustments Clipboard improvements
  • Text added under the icons in the toolbar
  • Masking cursor tools arrangement
  • Background color can be now changed directly in the Viewer
  • White Balance Picker re-engineered
  • Browser thumbnail resolution increased
  • Process button moved
  • Changes to default shortcuts
  • Licenses required for all variants
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MacOS 10.13, 10.14, or 10.15
Windows 7® SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1® 64-bit, or Windows 10® 64-bit

Intel CPU with 2 cores

10 GB free disk space

8 GB of RAM

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