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Canvas X 2020

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Canvas X 2020
Grafisch Artikel nr.C-Canvas X 2020
  • Complete All-in-one Solution: powerful graphic design and technical illustration software in a single package
  • Market-leading flexibility: Import and export a wide array of data formats. See compatible formats >
  • Feature-rich: Comprehensive toolset for vector illustration and image editing
  • Extraordinary detail: Work to 0.035 micron accuracy
  • Simple and Intuitive: Learn fast with intelligent Canvas Assistant, dynamic help, and video tutorials
  • Canvas
  • Windows



Nieuw in deze versie


  • Visual Combine tool, which allows you to visually and intuitively combine the common areas of overlapping vector objects to create complex shapes.
  • Vector Brush tool, which allows you to draw vector curve paths with strokes with tapered ends.
  • Measure Path tool allows you to draw a polygon path, measure the distance of the path, and calculate data, such as required time and/or required steps to travel the distance based on velocity parameters you have set.
  • QR Code tool allows you to easily create and place QR codes that can be read by smart phones.
  • Ink/Stroke Selection tool, which allows you to select an object with specific attributes and every object sharing those attributes will also be selected.
  • Object | Create Math Equation allows you to create editable math equation objects and place them in your documents. After creating it, you can edit the equations, resize the object, or change the color of the equations anytime.
  • Layout | Grids and Guides | Create Isometric Guides allows you to draw objects in the Isometric Projection using Isometric Guides and vector drawing tools.
  • Path | Convert to Polygon allows you to convert any vector or text objects to polygons.



Intel® i3 of betere 64-bits processor
8 GB RAM  (16 GB aanbevolen)
4 GB vrije ruimte op harde schijf (8 GB aanbevolen)
16-bits color of hoger (True color aanbevolen)
1024×768 of hogere schermresolutie aanbevolen


Windows® 7, Windows® 8, of Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (allemaal 64-bits OS)

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