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Canvas DRAW 5 for Mac

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Canvas DRAW 5 for Mac
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Visualize your workflow with a diverse content creation tool able to combine adaptable text, image, object, and effect elements in a single document. Canvas Draw 5 services the creation of mechanical documentation, including assembly, maintenance, and repair instructions. Rapidly illustrate complicated procedures, processes, and workflows with the convenient application of built-in templates and over 2000 symbols. 

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Your Universal Graphics Tool

Take your business to the next level with the most diverse content creation tool on the market. Designed for business professionals and creatives alike, Canvas Draw 4 includes a comprehensive set of vector object and advanced raster image editing tools, allowing you to combine adaptable text, image, object, and effect elements in a single document.

This powerful software comes loaded with tools for developing creative content, printable drawings, and shareable PDFs. Allow Canvas Draw 4 to make short work of your technical and creative tasks, including generating advertising materials, reports, graphs, metrics, mock-ups, web content, floor plans, architectural designs, and much more

Desktop Publication & Presentation

Canvas Draw facilitates both internal and external communication with tools for indicating revisions, tracking changes, and adding comments for collaborative projects, as well as presentation documents with unique qualities for distributing information further. Update the master page of a presentation document, and all subsequent pages will automatically reflect the change, saving you time and effort. Add speaker notes to slide show presentations for prompts during playback.

Real Estate & Computer-Aided Design

With Canvas Draw 4, real estate agents can not only convey the spatial data necessary to property advertisements, but the look and feel of the premises as well. Flexible technology allows you to apply effects to vector objects, text, and grouped objects, as well as image objects. You can even work with AutoCAD files.

Branding & Vector Illustration

Canvas Draw 4 makes your creative marketing efforts easy and dynamic with an integrated design environment. With an extensive collection of symbols, a wide range of file compatibility, and advanced editing tools, you can paint, draw, select, retouch, color correct, and clone your way to seamless designs, typography, and branding.

Blueprints & Technical Illustration

Create blueprints, floor plans, scale drawings, architectural designs, and other technical drawings with measured definitude and placement. Snap objects into exact positions relative to each other, draw from center points, define scale, systematically align, display sizes, add labels, callouts, or comments, create flowchart diagrams, and more.

Unicode Support

Integrate accented and alternative characters, as well as Roman and non-Roman alphabets, all in the same document.

Real Estate & Computer-aided Design

Communicate the characteristics of a space by blowing up specific areas, creating 3D vector and text objects, tracing out features and converting them to paths, and much more. Reach your audience by creating composites, touching up images, using transparency effects, and a variety of industry-leading tools and filters.

Nieuw in deze versie


What's New?

Touch bar support

Users with newer Macs with Touch Bar support can swipe, tap, and slide to control many commonly-used functions in Canvas Draw, including sliders, opacity, and rotation.

SVGZ export

You can use the SVGZ Export function to embed images, allowing you to create a single compressed file for export.

Copy Excel cells

Easily duplicate text from your Excel® spreadsheets into tables in Canvas Draw 5.

Type palette

You can create character or paragraph styles and save them for future use, as well as share them with other Canvas Draw users.

Small caps

Enjoy balance and symmetry with formatting for uppercase text allowing it to maintain the same height as its lowercase equivalent.

Dynamic effects

Use Dynamic Effects to apply shadows, reflections, glow, or soft edges to objects. Dynamic Effects will move and resize with their objects.


Smart snaps

Center, size, and align objects relative to each other or their location on the page. Toggle them on and off and change their color as desired.

Grid/Guide Upgrades

You can quickly customize the color of guides, allowing you to make the most out of Canvas Draw drawing aids.

Selection Range Increased

You can opt to display each bounding box in selections containing over 1000 objects.




Mac computer met Intel® processor met 64-bits support
2 GB vrije ruimte op harde schijf (3 GB  aanbevolen)
1024x768 of hogere schermresolutie aanbevolen


Mac OS X v10.11 of hoger

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