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ACDSee Video Studio 4

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ACDSee Video Studio 4
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Sporting sleek 64-bit performance, an easy-to-master interface, and 4K rendering, ACDSee Video Studio 4 empowers you to bring your vision to life. In addition to easy sharing solutions, ACDSee Video Studio’s direct uploading to YouTube and Vimeo take the tedium out of distribution. Now with keyframing, green screen support, behaviors, overlays, non-destructive cropping, 3 axis rotation, support for HEIC files, freeze frames, GIF exporting, over 3x more keyboard shortcuts, and much more, 

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  • Windows


Full List of Features


Green Screen Support


Put your subject anywhere! Remove green screen, or the color of your choosing, and layer in other videos or still images to create your own background.


Add Ambience


Color grade your shots by loading and applying an endless array of cinematic LUTs.


Speed Limit


Take control over the speed and overall duration of your media.


Face Value


With webcam recording and screen recording paired, you can create vlogs with a personal touch, develop educational content while communicating with your students, capture yourself during gameplay, construct reaction videos, and much more.


Give it Zazz


Drag and drop filters, add vibrance, correct exposure and white balance, add effects, blur sensitive information, sharpen, add vignettes, and much more.


Cover it up


Blur out faces, license plates, or sensitive information with the customizable Mosaic tool.


Express Yourself


Need some snow? A light leak? A countdown? Effortlessly add over 46 overlay effects on top of, before, or after your media.


Customized Aesthetic


Get creative with 13 new filters allowing you to morph, emboss, mirror, shake, obscure, adjust, and much more.


Capture the Moment


Extend the life of specific moments by creating freeze frames. Or snatch snapshots of your video’s playback and add them to your available media.


Export as a GIF


Quickly create GIFs from your videos or image series. With a recommended size for easy sharing, GIF generation has never been this painless.




Shift your media’s properties from one state to another with pre-made or custom animations!


Make an Entrance


Perfect your video’s style and movement with unique behaviors animating the entrances and exits of clips.


Stack Your Tracks


Layer audio, video, and images on multiple tracks. Tweak background color and media transparency to create a layered hierarchy.


Present Memories Elegantly


With support for still images, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF, it’s easy to put together slideshows for special events and training purposes.


Editing Freedom


Move, align, split, cut, copy, and paste video, audio, and images on the Timeline. Zoom in for precision editing, lock tracks to avoid accidental changes, and select specific segments for production.


Capture and Create


Record your screen, with or without system audio and voice recording, in widescreen or custom dimensions. Pause and resume as needed, and customize your recording hotkeys for quick, effortless movie-making.


Dynamic Display


Preview your evolving video in a resizable Display Area. Move your content around, change its size, set it to fit automatically. Customize the Display Area background color, position, and dimensions.


Audio Advantage


Separate audio and video in one click. Fade volume in and out or add audio points to change the volume at precise intervals.


Tractable Transitions


Create smooth scene and topic changes by adding transitions or behaviors. Simply drag and drop where you want and customize their duration by dragging.


Adaptable Output Options


Customize your audio and video parameters, such as frame size, bitrate, codec, and more. Enjoy hardware acceleration with encoding engine support for Intel Quick Sync and Nvidia.




Share your videos right as you produce them. Upload your entire video or a selection to YouTube or Vimeo, and post it to Facebook and Twitter, all in one dialog.


Captivate with Captions


Connect with your viewers using text. Call out ideas, highlight parts of the video, shift the focus, or simply subtitle for the hearing-impaired.


Secure Your Brand


Establish ownership of your video content by adding your watermark and customizing its position and opacity.

Nieuw in deze versie


  • Animations and Behaviors that add motion effects to media
  • Ability to remove a color of your choosing from media
  • Import and/or apply Color LUTs
  • Clip speed adjustment
  • Ability to blur sensitive information with Mosaic tool
  • Ability to add Overlay effects
  • Ability to freeze a frame
  • Ability to snapshot a frame
  • Ability to produce GIFs
  • 3 axis rotation of media
  • Non-destructive Crop tool
  • Ability to upload directly to Vimeo


Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1), Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1 & Windows® 10 (64-bit editions only)
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9+
Microsoft® DirectX® 10 or higher
Microsoft® .Net 4.0 or later version (included)

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