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ZWCAD Mechanical 2017

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ZWCAD Mechanical 2017
CAD Artikel nr.C-ZWCAD Mechanical 2017
Unify team collaboration with international and customizable drawing standards

ZWCAD 2015 Mechanical supports ISO, ANSI, DIN, JIS, and GB drafting environments, enabling designers to maintain a common form of communication. The Standards Synchronous Tool ensures teams on a local
area network (LAN) are using uniform and up-to-date standards.

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  • Windows



Ease your mechanical dimensioning with power and multiple dimensions

Power Dimension makes dimensioning easier with abbreviated dialog boxes that control and expand the variables relevant to manufacturing, as well as integrate tolerance and fit list information. 
With Multiple Dimension, designers can create multiple dimensions with minimal input, resulting in instant groups of ordinate, parallel, or symmetric items that are appropriately spaced.


Design quickly with mechanical symbols

Mechanical symbols help you save time and increase design accuracy, including surface texture symbols, datum identifiers and targets, taper, center hole, weld symbols and more.






Accelerate drafting with the comprehensive Part Library and Part Builder.

The Part Library contains screws, nuts, washers, pins, rivets, springs, bearings and more. It saves designers hours by allowing them to take parts from these libraries, rather than designing them from scratch. You can also customize your own part library with the powerful Part Builder in order to meet your own specific design needs.

Nieuw in deze versie


Graphic Style Configuration
The re-designed Style Configuration provides a graphic interface to enable users to customize drafting standard. This eliminates the need to know how to define the related xml files and its code structure. You can easily customize the standard style for layers, title block, symbol and many more.
229+ new ISO and DIN standard parts

229+ ISO and DIN standard parts are added in this version, providing more possibility for international users. Now the quantity of ISO standard parts are sufficient enough to satisfy users’ design need.

Newly designed ribbon icons
This version has new designed icons for the ribbon menu and they perfectly match the style of ZWCAD+ 2015. The whole new user interface now comes more neat, flat, and intuitive. By fending off long-time design fatigue and visual interruption; ZWCAD Mechanical 2015 allows you to focus on your design.
Realistic Design with a Click of a Button

Simply draft a cross section and path or different cross sections in different positions, and you can get a 3D model without any lag.

Create in the Real World with Google Earth

ZWCAD+ can now directly import graphic snapshots from Google Earth. This new feature allows you to view your final design on a current map.

Speed up Your Design with Time-saving Tools

Reference Manager helps manage all external resource referred with ease. Super Hatch extends traditional Hatch function by enabling hatching with block, reference and image etc




Operating system:
Microsoft® Windows XP SP2 and above
Microsoft® Windows 2003 Server
Microsoft® Windows 2008 Server
Microsoft® Windows Vista
Microsoft® Windows 7
Microsoft® Windows 8
Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD® Athlon™ X2 CPU or higher
RAM: 1GB (recommended)
Display card: 128M (recommended)
Hard disk: 1.5GB free disk space (1GB free space of Disk C required)
Resolution: 1024 x 768VGA display with True Color (minimum)
Pointing device: Mouse, trackball, or other devices

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