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Red Giant Presto 2.1

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Red Giant Presto 2.1
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Instantly turn your live presentation into a high quality video

Your event is over. But the buzz isn’t. You want to share the dynamic presentations that only 500 people saw with another 10,000 viewers, and you need to do it now. Enter Red Giant Presto, a time-saving tool that quickly turns a live presentation event into a high quality video. Used with your favorite editing platform, Presto imports a timeline with footage of the presenter and matches it to the original presentation slides. Presto takes care of the tedious production work: tracking the presenter’s movements, switching slides at the right time, instantly rearranging the layout. And presto! The result is a professionally designed video that lets you share a presentation as soon it’s ended. 

  • Red Giant
  • Windows, Mac


Reasons To Buy

  • Share the energy. Share your event quickly with an engaging video that combines the energy of a live presenter with high-resolution images of his slides.
  • High quality message. Presto easily produces a video of outstanding quality with clear and readable slides, and a closeup of the presenter that emphasizes her message.
  • Automate away! Automate the tedious parts of the editing process, like keeping the presenter in frame (by frame, by frame) and timing the slides with his speech.
  • Simplify the shooting process. On event day, you can concentrate on filming the presentation, not tracking down the presenter to screen capture his laptop.
  • One tool for many events. Presto videos are great for sharing and archiving lectures, training videos, corporate presentations, worship sermons, and more.

Presto makes event capture easy

Enjoy the format of TED talks? Now you can produce them yourself, with a professional format and short production time. Presto lets you streamline the event videography by requiring just one camera on the presenter and another on the slideshow. And Presto is built to use the original PowerPoint or Keynote slides so every image is high resolution and readable. Say goodbye to low quality event capture — because your idea is worth spreading.

Presto shares your message fast

Event videos are the bread & butter of many editors. But who wants to spend a day (or three) matching a talking head with PowerPoint slides? Presto simplifies this chore. You create a timeline of the presenter footage in Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro or Vegas Pro. Then Presto matches that timeline with the original presentation slides. And it does this fast, so you can share your message fast, too.

Presto puts quality in the video

With Presto, you will showcase a compelling closeup of the presenter, alongside a crisp, bright slideshow. Without Presto, your presenter will look fuzzy and too far away; the slideshow will look washed out; and the text in the slides won’t be readable. Presto isn’t a new PowerPoint, designed to bring video into a presentation. It's just the opposite, since Presto puts your presentation into a video, and it does this with the highest level of quality.
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What's New

  • All-in-one support. Get all OS's and editing platforms in one purchase. Supports FCP 7  and Premiere Pro on Mac, and Vegas Pro on Windows.
  • Free upgrade + Red Pledge. You get an easier licensing process, amazing Red Giant support, and our Red Pledge happiness guarantee.   Learn more
  • New Mac OS support. Now supports OS 10.8, along with OS 10.5–10.7.
  • A dynamic duo. Before using Presto, synchronize the audio and video footage of the presenter with our new PluralEyes 3 software.


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