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Ozone 2015 with maintenance

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Ozone 2015 with maintenance
Grafisch, Multimedia, plug-in Artikel nr.C-Ozone 2015 with maintenance

The Ozone 2015 plug-in lets you create and render hyper-realistic skies and atmospheres in 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, Lightwave and Cinema4D.
Ozone 2015 implements the cutting-edge technologies developped by e-on software for the simulation and rendering of atmospheric effects. Its atmospheres provide an accurately simulated environment that affects all elements of your scenes and behaves according to nature’s rules.
Ozone 2015 is built on the same algorithms and integration technology as Vue xStream, but is limited to atmospheres and skies

  • E-on Software
  • Windows, Mac


With four atmospheric models – spectral, volumetric, standard and environment mapping, over 100 preset atmospheres and 100 preset cloud shapes, Ozone 2015 is the most complete, realistic and productive solution for creating skies and atmospheres that come alive.
Your atmospheres can be as realistic as what you see out your window or they can be as imaginative as the green and purple sunsets of uncharted planets.
With its easy to use interface and wide range of features, Ozone 2015 is the essential tool for animators and still creators seeking professional atmospheric results.

Bright sunshine, glorious sunsets, bad weather, moonlit nights – Ozone 2015 handles them all. With over 100 predefined atmospheres and an intuitive interface, you can achieve exactly what you had in mind in minutes!

Customize every aspect of the atmosphere. Raise and lower the sun or change the direction or color of the sunlight. Add storm clouds to create an ominous mood. Create a thick, moisture-laden atmosphere where objects get lost in the mist. Add layer upon layer of clouds, adjusting their complexity, density, altitude and shape. Add a rainbow for a special effect, or stars and ice rings. You are in total control.

The Ozone 2015 interface is straight-forward and productive. It consists of 4 or 5 tabs, depending on the atmosphere model:

  • Sun to adjust the position and size of the sun.
  • Light to select and modify the lighting model you wish to use – standard or global ambience.
  • Clouds to create layers of clouds and adjust their settings.
  • Fog and Haze to adjust the density, distribution and color of the fog and haze.
  • Sky, Fog and Haze (for Spectral Atmospheres) to set up parameters for fog and haze and to add such effects as volumetric sunlight and godrays.
  • Effects to add special effects such as rainbows, stars, ice rings, etc...

Animate It All!


Ozone 2015 lets you animate everything from clouds and sun to fog and haze.
Take precise control of all animation properties by editing keyframes directly and then personalize in your timeline.
Skies spring to life as your clouds swirl!

Feature Shortlist

  • Highly productive and easy to use interface
  • Animated atmospheres (keyframes, timeline)
  • Four atmosphere models:  Standard, Volumetric, Spectral and Environment Mapping
  • Full control over all aspects of the atmosphere
  • Fully adjustable fog and haze
  • Realistic light and air interactions
  • Automatic creation of lens flares for the Ozone sun light
  • Customizable rainbows, ice rings, stars...
  • State of the art algorithms for top quality results
  • Highly optimized code designed to deliver speed
  • Extensive library of over 100 predefined atmospheres
  • Over 100 different cloud shapes
  • Visual browsers to locate files rapidly
  • Saves atmospheres (with preview) for future use
  • Imports VUE atmospheres and clouds

Ozone’s Atmospheres are Compatible with VUE 

Ozone 2015 is totally compatible with the VUE* atmospheric system (e-on software’s award winning 3D scenery generator).

Any atmosphere created in VUE* can be used in Ozone 2015 for even more flexibility.

* Up to VUE 2014.5

Even More Power with VUE xStream!

VUE is the world's leading 3D Digital Nature solution. VUE creates the entire environment for your scenes, and not just atmospheres.

VUE xStream integrates to 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D and Softimage to offer a complete toolset for creating and rendering exceptionally rich and realistic natural environments.

On top of its powerful featureset for the creation of complex 3D environments, VUE also adds numerous optimized features for 3D atmospheres.


Advanced Cloud Control

In order to grant you better control over the shape and look of your clouds, the function graph features outputs that let you control the altitude of the cloud layers (for instance, so that they appear to "go over" certain objects).

Cloud masks

With VUE, you can generate a color and alpha mask of your clouds using the multi-pass renderer.

Cloud colors are automatically adjusted to produce the expected result when used in combination with the cloud mask.

Local Lights in Clouds

In addition to the sunlight, you can make any light-source in the scene illuminate clouds, including local lights. This allows the creation of true-to-life thunder storms, search lights or illuminated fly through clouds.

Cloud Radiosity

White clouds can reflect large amounts of light onto neighboring objects. VUE can accurately account for this effect when calculating indirect lighting.
As a result, the indirect lighting of scenes involving clouds is accurately simulated, resulting in greatly enhanced realism.

Real-World Spherical Clouds
You can import cloud maps to recreate real-world skyscapes over entire planets.
Use any cloud density map, including daily maps from the internet. Add cyclones where you need them by painting them in! Then load the cloud density data using the dedicated tool and VUE will generate the corresponding clouds.

Animated Planetary Cloud Density Maps

VUE lets you define animated maps to control the density of your cloud layers on a planetary scale.
Using animated density maps, recreate such effects as the swirling hurricane opposite

Nieuw in deze versie





  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 - 64 bit only,
  • 2GHz Pentium IV or better processor,
  • 1GB of free RAM,
  • 200 MB of free Hard Disk space,
  • 1200x768 in 65K colors/16 bits (24+ bits recommended).


  • Mac OS X v10.6+ - 64 bit only,
  • 2GHz Intel processor or faster,
  • 1GB of free RAM,
  • 200 MB of free Hard Disk space,
  • 1200x768 in 65K colors/16 bits (24+ bits recommended).

An OpenGL accelerated video board is not required, but is a big plus.


A single license of Ozone 2015 can be used with all compatible applications and renderers installed on your system.

  • Ozone 2015 for Maya works with MentalRay, Maya software and V-Ray renderers.
  • Ozone 2015 for 3ds Max works with MentalRay and V-Ray renderers.
  • Ozone 2015 for Softimage works with MentalRay.
  • Ozone 2015 for LightWave and Cinema4D works with the native renderer.

MentalRay and V-Ray Compatibility

  • Ozone 2015 is fully compatible with MentalRay's specific technologies, such as Sun&Sky, Photometric Lights, Distributed Bucket Rendering, etc.
  • Ozone 2015 is fully compatible with V-Ray's specific Sun and Sky technologies.
  • Ozone 2015 will automatically adjust it's settings to match the effects of these features, whenever they are used in 3ds Max, Maya or Softimage.
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