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Carbon Scatter 2015 with maintenance

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Carbon Scatter 2015 with maintenance
Grafisch, Multimedia Artikel nr.C-Carbon Scatter 2015 with maintenance

Scatter millions of instances in seconds - create wind-swept forests or animated crowds and render them directly inside 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema4D!
With super-fast population algorithms (create over 1 million instances per second!), Carbon Scatter 2015 adds compatibility with animated PlantFactory vegetation, new paint brushes (add instances, jitter, raise, repel, attract, lean...), convert to native instances for rendering without Carbon Scatter (and with any renderer), native support for V-Ray 3 and GPU rendering (Octane, V-Ray RT, etc.), easy specimen replacement and a lot more!

Carbon Scatter works with:

3ds Max



  • E-on Software
  • Windows, Mac


Key benefits of Carbon Scatter 2015 include:

  • Render billions of polygons easily thanks to lightning fast instancing
  • Convert to native instances for rendering without Carbon Scatter
  • Render with any renderer including GPU path-tracers (Octane, VRayRT, ...)
  • Populate millions of instances per second!
  • Use PlantFactory models and customize them using the Plant Editor*
  • Interactive population - change a setting, Carbon Scatter repopulates in a blink
  • Add/modify instances with your mouse using jitter, raise, repel, attract, lean... brushes
  • Populate in all directions around objects
  • Animate instances (including wind in plants) with full de-phasing control
  • Control placement, height, size, orientation... using bitmaps or procedural graphs
  • Create populations with multiple layers and control how they influence each other
  • Scatter inside/along curves, stack instances (e.g. to create piles of rubble on a path)
  • Ships with over 100 3D plant species (with variations!) and 130+ billboard trees



Nieuw in deze versie


What's New in Carbon Scatter 2015?

  • Load PlantFactory Vegetation into your EcoSystems*
  • Import animated PlantFactory plants (duration and frame rate are user-definable)*
  • Ability to choose up to 4 variations per plant (standard CSVEZ plants and new TPF plants*), after saving them to the CSPLT format
  • Replace any specimen in a population by another specimen (native object or Carbon Scatter plant)
  • Save EcoSystem materials
  • Two levels of detail for plants in the foreground and in the background (distance to camera threshold is user-definable) 
  • New EcoSystem Painter, with advanced brush editor
  • Redesigned Function Editor for improved performance on modern computer displays
  • Compatibility with Team Render (C4D Network Rendering) 
  • Improved the display quality of billboards in real-time previews for CS/TPF* plants
  • Convert your Carbon Scatter populations to native instances in 3ds Max and Cinema4D
  • Compatibility with V-Ray 3 and with V-Ray RT

* Support for the PlantFactory file format requires Carbon Scatter Pro



Supported Renderers

Rendering of the Carbon Scatter scene elements is entirely done by the host application's renderer.


A license of Carbon Scatter 2 can be used with all of the compatible applications and renderers installed on your system.

Supported Renderers

  • Carbon Scatter 2 for 3ds Max works with MentalRay and V-Ray renderers.
  • Carbon Scatter 2 for Maya works with MentalRay, and V-Ray renderers.
  • Carbon Scatter 2 for Cinema4D works with the native renderer, and should work with all other renderers that are compatible with Cinema4D instances*. Such renderers include VrayC4D or m4d (mental ray for Cinema4D) for instance.

MentalRay and V-Ray Compatibility

Carbon Scatter 2 is fully compatible with MentalRay's specific technologies, such as Sun&Sky, Photometric Lights, etc.
Carbon Scatter 2 is fully compatible with V-Ray's specific Sun and Sky technologies.

Support of other Host Applications

Currently, Carbon Scatter is only available for 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema 4D.
You will automatically receive access to the other applications as soon as they are supported.
If you would like to stay informed about Carbon Scatter, please register to the e-on software newsletter below:

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