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Key Features

LumenRT contains many features and capabilities for creating vivid images, video, and immersive experiences. Outlined below is a brief description of these features organized by each major LumenRT feature category: Light, Life, Nature and Design as well as the LiveCube technology.


Physical Simulation of Light

Thanks to e-on software's patented Physical Lighting technologies, LumenRT accurately simulates the way light interacts with volume. LumenRT is the only solution capable of reproducing all the subtleties of direct and indirect lighting in real-time!

Physically Accurate Reflections

LumenRT generates accurate reflections in real-time. Reflections are automatically enabled for any material that contains transparency or translucency such as glass and water.

Adjustable Time of Day

Light and shadow studies can be performed using LumenRT adjustable sun. Sun location is a accurately set using NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab) qualified solar positioning algorithms.

Soft Shadows with Varying Softness

Shadows produced in LumenRT are very realistic with soft edges. Shadows become more blurry as the shadowing object is further away, like in reality.

IES Point and Spot Lights

LumenRT includes point lights and spot lights which are fully adjustable. IES lighting profiles can be assigned to any light.

HDR Rendering and Luminous Materials

LumenRT luminous materials can be applied to give the appearance of light. Luminous materials are useful for things like building windows, fires and tv screens.


People and Animals

Dozens of fully animated characters and animals sitting, standing, walking, and talking will help bring your scenes alive. Characters are arranged individually, in pairs, and small groups.

Moving Vehicles

A matching set of stationary and moving vehicles including cars, trucks, and buses are available to add more life and dynamic feeling to your scenes.


Breeze Animated Vegetation

Based on e-on’s new Plant Factory technology, fully breeze animated trees and shrubs add a realistic visual context. Choose from dozens of species. Plants are added as low poly models into the scene but are automatically transformed into their high resolution, full-motion counterparts in the LumenRT LiveCube.

Water and Underwater Effects

Water materials with moving waves and caustics are available with a variety of appearances and wave agitations including open seas, lakes, ponds, and pools.

Photo-realistic Skies

Based on the award winning e-on atmosphere technology, LumenRT contains high-resolution sky maps and atmospheric effects that produce stunning levels of realism.

Night Skies and Moonlight

At the press of a button, the LumenRT LiveCube time of day can be flipped from day to night. Night skies are fully moonlit and filled with stars.


Author in Your CAD System

LumenRT is seamlessly integrated into many of the major CAD and GIS systems. It contains a full material and Immersive Nature content library that is automatically converted into high-fidelity materials and objects inside of LumenRT.

Bentley MicroStation Integration

LumenRT contains a fully integrated Bentley MicroStation interface that includes the complete LumenRT Immersive Nature content library. MicroStation users can create stunning Immersive Nature scenery at the press of a single button using models from the world’s leading AEC infrastructure design system.

Autodesk Revit Integration

The LumenRT Autodesk Revit plug-in allows Revit models to be exported directly into LumenRT. A compatible RPC version of the LumenRT Immersive Nature content library is also included.

Trimble SketchUp Integration

LumenRT integrates fully inside of Trimble SketchUp (free and pro versions), giving you access to the complete content library, as well as adding the ability to create secondary light sources and defining high-quality lighting zones.

Import 3D Content from all Sources

LiveCubes can be crated from many popular 3D file formats including Wavefront (.obj), AutoDesk FBX (.fbx), Autodesk 3DS (.3ds), and Collada (.dae). In addition, Vue users can create LiveCubes directly from Vue scenes or Vue object files.


Explore Designs in Real-time

Gone are the days of static renders and animations. LumenRT lets you create photo-realistic environments and explore them in real-time, with your mouse or keyboard. Walk or fly through your designs with full indirect lighting and enjoy a truly immersive 3D experience!

Precise Anti-aliasing and Motion Blur

LumenRT images are crisp and vivid. The use of advanced, high-performance anti-aliasing and life-like motion blur creates images of exceptional clarity and realism.

Advanced Material Rendering

LumenRT contains a complete material engine which enables the addition of parameters such bump maps, specular highlights, reflections, and transparency control.

Create HD Movies and Images

Animation paths can be created directly inside the LumenRT LiveCube. Built for speed and ease of use with a fully graphical interface, animation path creation is incredibly simple yet powerful. The editor also allows you to composite external videos and images together for professional looking results.


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Share Projects as Self-contained Executables

LumenRT real-time environments are packaged into convenient, self-contained executables that can be run on any computer without requiring additional software. Easily (and securely) share projects with your clients, colleagues, contractors, and customers so they can explore your designs at their own pace.



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  • Windows XP (32/64), Vista (32/64) and 7 (32/64)
  • Macintosh OS X 10.6+
  • SketchUp 7 or 8
  • Bentley MicroStation SS3
  • Revit 2012/2013
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