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Speed Up, Fix and Protect Your PC

  • New! Sleek Program Look & Style
  • 250 + Test to Diagnose PC Problems
  • 60 + Powerful Tools Designed to Fix Your PC’s Problems
  • One Step Wizards for Easy Maintenance
  • Eliminates PC Crashes, Freezes and Slowdowns
  • Optimises Windows Start up and Daily Performance
  • Real-Time Monitoring of PC Health and Security
  • Virus & Spyware Removal and Protection
  • Internet Speed Optimiser
  • Create a Windows Rescue CD
  • 5 PC-licence

    So What Makes System Suite So Unique? Simple, Powerful, Patent-pending PC Analyser Technology!

    This exclusive new feature analyses Windows services, processes and programs from start-up, to active use, to shutdown to identify why your PC is slow.

    Easily turn off processes that use too many system resources without affecting your work.

    • Identifies why your PC is slow
    • Speeds up your PC
    • Real-time reporting graphics
    • Real -time performance alerts

    How It Works? The Most Comprehensive System Diagnostic Tools Available!

    • Speeds up and optimises Windows start-up
    • Cleans and optimises Windows registry
    • Recovers deleted folders, files and data
    • Find and fixes Windows Registry errors
    • Fixes Windows security flaws
    • Defrags and cleans out hard drive clutter
    • Removes malware, viruses and spyware
    • Allows you to fix problems manually or System Suite will automatically do the work for you

    Scan & Identify Problems - With just One Click, System Suite runs 250+ diagnostic tests to identify the problems plaguing your PC.

    Analyse, Fix & Repair - Analysis results are organised and easy-to-understand. Let System Suite safely fix everything with just one click of the Repair All button. You’ll have the option to exclude items from repair, get further insight or select targeted repairs.

    Or Automate it All with Active Intelligence - System Suite’s Active Intelligence automatically fixes and maintains your computer, keeping it running like new.

    The Solutions!


    Key Features Back to the top
    One-Step Maintenance Wizards
    Once-click Performance, Cleanup and Security Wizards maintain, fix and repair your PC automatically.

    They dramatically boost your PC performance by running multiple optimisation and repair tools at once.

    One-Click Optimise Wizard – Optimises your hard drive and system registry for improved system performance.

    One-Click Protect Wizard - Detects, removes and immediately protects you from thousands of viruses, spyware malware threats.

    One-Click Fix Wizard – Diagnoses system problems, fixes and repairs your Windows Registry and test your hardware.

    More Key Features!

    Fixes Windows Problems
    250+ tests uncover problems that slow your PC and 60+ tools fix them so your computer runs like new again.

    Speeds Up Windows
    Frees up system memory resources, optimises Internet and download speeds and removes unnecessary start-up programs.

    Improved Gaming Experience
    System Suite’s Gaming Mode optimises your PC to play high-performance games at maximum speeds.

    Registry Defrag
    Compacts and defrags registry for faster system responsiveness

    File Shredder & Recovery
    Securely erase sensitive data, or recover deleted files, photos and more.

    Malware, Virus & Spyware Removal
    Removes malware, viruses, spyware, Trojans, plus scan emails and attachments as they arrive.

    Data & Password Protection
    Encrypt and store sensitive data , passwords and credit card information for identify theft protection.

    Safe Site Director
    Identifies and blocks malicious websites to protect your PC.

    System Suite now comes with 1 years worth of regular, downloadable product updates that ensure System Suite and your PC are kept as up to date as possible!



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    • Windows® XP, Windows Vista® (32/64), Windows 7/8 (32/64)
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