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FileStream® Secure Disk is the perfect solution for protecting sensitive information from theft and other attacks. It makes a part or all of your hard disk, USB flash drive, or removable drive, into a secure vault, which can be accessed like any drive except it requires login User ID and passwords to open. All your private information stored on the Secure Disk is protected by Strong Encryption with options of 256-bit or 448-bit encryption. You can create as many vaults of any size as you like to compartmentalize data with the ability to move files from one vault to another.

Key Features:

  • Make your personal files and folders private without any hassle.
  • Protect sensitive information on Laptop in case it is lost or stolen.
  • Create multiple Secure Disks from hard disks or USB disks.
  • Don't have to encrypt the entire drive to have security protection.
  • Can still share computer but only you can see your Secure Disk.

The Secure Disk vaults on your computer and on removable storage devices can only be accessed with the right login ID and password. This solution is easier to use and more flexible than encrypting your entire hard drive. In case your computer is logged in and left unattended, no one can access your sensitive information without logging into your Secure Disks

How does it work?

Secure Disk lets you designate any part or all of your hard drive, USB flash drive, or external drive as a digital vault, which requires ID and Password to open or access. For example, on a USB flash drive you can create one or more vaults of different sizes on it. You can select a virtual drive letter for each vault, such H drive if you already have letters C to G used. When the vault is open, it works just like any regular hard drive. You can save and delete files, drag and drop files, or back up files, and everything else that you can usually do. However, when you close the Secure Disk or vault, no one or program can access what is in the vault. You can place folders, subfolders, or just files in the vault. It is all up to you.



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